ARES Scientific is proud to announce BioPointe Scientific as our newest manufacturing partner. Below is an introductory background on BioPointe Scientific and their revolutionary new Total Defense Pipette Filter Tip.

BioPointe Scientific’s CEO, Larry Scaramella, was the founder of Molecular BioProducts and inventor of several of the most innovative products in the pipette industry including the ART tip, the gold standard for aerosol resistant pipette tips worldwide. He also introduced the first tip re-racking system, and several BioRobotic tips.

Total Defense has every feature the ART tip does and was even developed by the key players that developed the ART tip 20 years ago. Whereas the ART tip remains essentially unchanged after all these years, Total Defense improves upon the technology, including a Low-Retention feature. This is done by an innovative process of implementing a low-binding additive to our resin in the pre-molding phase of production. BioPointe’s Total Defense line is the ultimate in sample protection and retention.

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