BetterBuilt C200 Series Chute Bedding Dispenser

The BetterBuilt C200 Series Chute Bedding Dispenser is a stand-alone unit designed to accept rodent cages manually and dispense a controlled volume of fresh bedding into one or more cages simultaneously.

Configuration Options



• All Stainless Steel Construction
• Adjustable Stainless Steel Feet
• Self-contained Control Panel
• PLC Controls with On/Off, Start, Stop, E-Stop
• Adjustable Dispensing Timer
• Individual or Multiple Chute Dispensing
• Controlled Dispensing Level
• Cage Presence Sensors
• Vacuum Transfer System
• Pneumatic Dispensing Valves
• High and Low Level Sensors in Storage Hopper
• Clean-out and Service Access Doors
• Hinged Front Viewing Window with Gasket
• Storage Capacity is 12 Cubic Feet
• Non-proprietary Components

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Chutes: 2, Chutes: 4, Chutes: 6