BetterBuilt D200 Series Automatic Bedding Dispenser

The BetterBuilt D200 Series Automatic Bedding Dispenser is designed to automatically dispense dry, free flowing, solid bedding into rodent cages as they are conveyed through the unit.

Configuration Options



• All Stainless Steel Construction
• Powered Stainless Steel Rollers
• PVC Coating on Rollers • Shaft Bearings are Ball Bearing Type
• Storage Capacity is 10 cu.ft.
• Controlled Dispensing Level
• Clean-out and Service Access Doors
• Hinged Cover on Loading Hopper w/ Safety Sensor
• Collection Screen Drawer
• Adjustable Stainless Steel Legs
• 4” Exhaust Duct Connection Point Provided
• 4” Inlet for Automated Bedding Delivery
• Self-contained Control Panel
• Start/Stop Switches and Speed Controls
• 1/3 Hp Variable Speed Dispensing Conveyor Motor
• Unload End Auto Stop Sensor
• Non-proprietory Components

Additional information


Conveyor Width: 24”, Conveyor Width: 30”, Conveyor Width: 36”, Conveyor Width: 42”, Conveyor Width: 48”