BetterBuilt D800 Glassware Dryer

The BetterBuilt D800 Dryer provides radiant heat from elements mounted on the sides and top of the cabinet. This dryer is a companion to our Glassware Washer Model G302. Glassware processing time is equal to or less than the glass washer processing time to keep production and efficiency at maximum levels. The drop-down door acts as a loading shelf for the washer’s dryer basket. Loaded spindle racks can be moved directly from the G302 washer into the dryer using the optional transfer cart as the door level of the dryer matches the door level of the washer.


• All Stainless Steel Construction
• Fully Insulated Cabinet and Door
• Drop Down Door Type
• Controls include Power Switch, Cycle Timer, Digital Temperature Controller, Start Push Button
• Electrical Requirement 208V/3PH
• 10.5 KW Radiant Heat
• Dryer Basket c/w Aluminum Wheels
• 1/2” Drain Outlet
• Overload Protection
• Temperature Range from 100°F to 250°F

Interior Chamber: 25” x 26” X 25” (625 x 660 x 625mm)
Exterior Cabinet: 33” x 70” x 41.75” (838 x 1778 x 1060mm)