GasDocUnit® is a CO2 docking station for your IVC that provides reliable human and animal welfare compliant euthanasia for mice.



• The GasDocUnit® is a CO2 docking station for your IVC, enabling human and animal welfare compliant, intuitive, and reliable euthanasia for mice.
• The animals are euthanized stress- and pain-free in their home IVC.
• The System ensures a defined increase and a homogeneous distribution of the CO2 concentration in the IVC.
• GasDocUnit® complies with the AVMA Guidelines set in 2019, the AAALAC Guidelines, the European Directive (2010/63/EU), and the German Protection of Animals Act (TierSchG) and the Regulation for the Protection of Laboratory Animals (TierSchVersV).
The usage is intuitive and reliable:
• By clicking the IVC into place, the cycle starts automatically. When the optical indicators go out, the animals have been euthanized stress-free and reliable in their home IVC.

Additional information

IVC Compatibility

For IVC: Animal Care Systems OptiMice, For IVC: Techniplast Green Line GM 500, For IVC: Techniplast Emerald EM500, For IVC: Techniplast Blue Line 1284L or 1285L, For IVC: Techniplast Blue Line 1145T, For IVC: Allentown NexGen/XJ/XJ Edge

• Dimensions: 21.2 cm (H) : 24 cm (W) : 60 cm (D)
• Power: 6 Watts
• Weight: 7 kg, (incl. packaging approx. 9 kg)
• Connections: Input 24 V DC 0.3 A (from plug-in power supply), gas hose (LDPE) with coupling plug 2 m.
• Pressure: Any input pressure between 1 and 10 bar is compatible with the GasDocUnit®.