Follett REF2 medical-grade countertop refrigerator 1.8 Cu. Ft.

Refrigerator with solid stainless steel door fits on standard 24.00″ (61.0 cm) deep countertop and under standard 18.00″ (45.7 cm) wall-hung cabinets with 1.8 cubic feet (51 L) of nominal capacity. Includes (2) epoxy-coated wire shelves, adjustable in 1/2″ increments. Environmentally responsible R134a forced-air cooled refrigeration system. Bottom-mounted controls display product temperature in user-selectable C or F. Integral high and low temperature alarming. Storage area insulated with CARB compliant non-HFC foam. 8′ (2.4 m) power cord with NEMA5-15P 90º hospital-grade plug. NSF, UL and CUL listed.



Superior temperature performance:
• Heavy-duty compressor and forced air cooling
• Quiet compressor and coaxial fans
• Non-CFC R134a refrigerant
Convenience and security:
• Exterior LED displays product temperature in user-selectable F or C
• “sleep mode” turns off display
• User-programmable, audible and visual high/low alarms
• Lockable controller prevents inadvertent setpoint changes
• Adjustable refrigeration set points are accessed through front controls
• High/low temperature log shows highest and lowest product temperature recorded
• Cylinder door lock supports Joint Commission standards for medication storage
• Back wall port provides entry for third-party probes
• Flush door design is compatible with standard automated dispensing system brackets
Durability and serviceability:
• Stainless steel construction on exterior and interior
• Rubberized feet
• Two epoxy-coated wire shelf
• Heavy-duty edge-mount self-closing hinges
• Field-reversible door
• Removable back panel for easy service access to compressor, condenser and fans
• Dart-type magnetic gasket
• Dished floor for easy cleanup

Additional information

Door Configuration

LED Controls, No Keypad, No Front Access Condensate Plate, LED Controls, No Keypad, With Front Access Condensate Plate, LED Contols, With Keypad, No Front Access Condensate Plate

• Nominal capacity: 1.8 cu ft (28 L)
• Ventilation clearance with more than 8.00″ (20.32 cm) top clearance: 2.00″ (5.08 cm) for both sides
• Ventilation clearance with less than 8.00″ (20.32 cm) top clearance: 6.00″ (15.24 cm) for one side
• W1 Width: 18.60″ (47.2 cm)
• Depth at top: 24.00″ (61.0 cm)
• D1 Depth at bottom: 20.00″ (50.8 cm)
• H1 Height: 27.93″ (70.9 cm)
• Door swing: standard with self-closing right hinge, field reversible
• Width: 14.50″ (36.8 cm)
• Depth: 10.00″ (25.4 cm)
• Height: 21.25″ (54.0 cm)
• Storage system: (2) 13.81″ x 9.06″, (35.08 cm x 23.01 cm) epoxy-coated wire shelves
Door configurations:
• Door: stainless steel
• Door lock: cylinder door lock with 2 keys
• Door hinges: edge-mount, self-closing
• Gasket: magnetic, dart-style
• C1115 V/60/1 electrical: 1.8 full load amps, NEMA 5-15P 90º hospital-grade plug low profile, SJT, 18 AWG, 8′ (2.4 m) cord
• Temperature display: standard 7 segment LED, default set in C, user-selectable F or C
• Display sleep function: button turns off display, press again to turn back on
• Factory preset: 4.4 C
• Probes: 2 probes; P1 controls refrigeration system; P2 provides product temperature
• Product simulation bottle: (1) 60 ml
• Programmable operating range: 2.2 to 10 C (36 to 50 F )
• High and low product temperature alarm: audible and visual, user programmable setpoints in F or C
• Alarm: user-programmable high/low; audible and visual alert; audible alarm mute
• Alarm delay: user-programmable 0 to 255 min
System performance:
• Refrigerant and charge: R134a refrigerant, 3.4 oz charge
• Automatic defrost: no heated defrost cycle required
• Energy consumption: 1.4 kWh/day
• Max heat rejection: 190 BTU/hr
• Approximate net weight: 73 lb (27 kg)
• Approximate ship weight: 109 lb (43 kg)
NOTE: For indoor use only