One of the hottest topics in the Life Science and Healthcare industries are wireless environmental
monitoring systems. These solutions provide real-time monitoring of critical
conditions such as:

  • Storage temperature of vaccines, samples, enzymes and other critical assets in
    refrigerators or freezers
  • Temperature and humidity in rooms
  • Differential pressure in places like surgical suites or compounding facilities
  • Gas status such as CO2 % in incubators

In addition to tracking these conditions, sophisticated systems generate instant alarms
when set-points are out of range and notify users so that they can promptly take corrective
action. Additionally, some systems automate reporting for regulatory agencies and

Wireless environmental monitoring systems are becoming important investments for institutions
that wish to achieve 24/7 monitoring of valuable assets in order to mitigate the
risks associated with manual processes. As wi-fi infrastructure has become more accessible,
hospitals and research institutions are able to install and maintain these wireless
systems in an easier and more cost effective manner.

TempTrak by Cooper Atkins is one of the leading wireless environmental monitoring systems
for many of the top institutions across the country. We asked several longtime
Temptrak users why they choose and continue to put their trust in this particular system
and here is the feedback we received:

  • TempTrak offers a unique solid core simulator probe that can be field calibrated to
    NIST standards using their proprietary Syscal technology.
  • For certain critical applications, Temptrak also offers an ISO 17025 calibrated transmitter
    and probe.
  • The interface is extremely user-friendly, making it simple to interact with the system,
    acknowledge alarm conditions and view pre-designed reports.
  • For those wishing to utilize their buildings’ existing BAS infrastructure, TempTrak is
    capable of transferring sensory information to automation and controls systems
    through a BACnet gateway interface.

Cooper Atkins has been in the environmental monitoring business since 1885 as the
inventor of the bimetal thermometer. They are based in Connecticut, USA and have a
robust and responsive staff of IT professionals and local representatives to support
their loyal and growing client base.

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