Gruenberg Cabinet Style Steri-Dry™ Lab Sterilizer

Introducing the Gruenberg Cabinet Style Steri-Dry™ Lab Sterilizer, a game-changer in the world of laboratory sterilization. This advanced sterilizer leverages dry-heat sterilization technology, a proven and trusted method in pharmaceutical, medical device, and life-science research applications. The Steri-Dry™ is designed for efficiency and reliability, boasting an innovative PRECISIONFLO™ focused, forced-air convection technology that ensures high thermal efficiency, minimizes cycle times and maximizes throughput, all while maintaining a very low external temperature.

The Steri-Dry™ Lab Sterilizer stands out with its green operation, significantly reducing energy consumption and eliminating water usage, making it a more sustainable choice compared to traditional steam sterilizers. Not only is this sterilizer environment-friendly, it also offers substantial cost savings, with lower total cost of ownership and maintenance expenses.

The Steri-Dry™ is not just powerful but also versatile and user-friendly. It features a full color Operator Interface Terminal (OIT) touchscreen and an Allen-Bradley PLC, ensuring reliable, easy-to-use system control. With flexible installation options and potential for customization, the Gruenberg Cabinet Style Steri-Dry™ Lab Sterilizer is ready to meet the sterilization needs of any laboratory environment.


Key Features:
• Maximum temperature of 340°F
• Heavy-duty, fully welded structural steel frame
• Exterior constructed of 18-gauge Type 304 L stainless steel with a #4 polish to withstand frequent wash downs
• Direct drive circulation system
• All interior surfaces are 100 percent continuously welded
• 304L stainless steel for quick and easy wash downs
• Low cost of ownership
• Low operating costs
• Extended cage life
• Healthier lab work environment
• Sustainable energy and water solution
• Validated sterilization
• 50% less space than an autoclave
• Installed systems worldwide
• Biosafety Level 2 & 3 compliant designs available
• Shelf or load cart/transfer carriage loaded
• Color touchscreen control with onboard data acquisition standard
• Floor mounted
• Modular design available for ease of rigging and installation without the need for extensive construction
• Pass-Thru option available
• Bio/Vermin seal available for recessed or Pass-Thru installation
• Green operation with lower total energy consumption
• Lower total cost of ownership
• Flexible installation options
• Quiet operation for use around sound-sensitive animals
• Flexible design allows customization to suit every application
• Validated sterilization cycles