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ARES is your Blood Bank Equipment Supplier

ARES Scientific understands the precision required for blood storage and processing.  We offer a full line of refrigeration products designed to meet AABB requirements along with other highquality equipment and instruments.   

Our Expertise as a Blood Bank Equipment Supplier

ARES Scientific has been supplying quality equipment solutions for critical storage applications such as Blood Banks for over a decade.  We offer the highest quality refrigeration products for blood storage that meet AABB standards and tabletop instruments for processing blood. 


How we support Blood Bank Facilities

Helping our clients succeed is our primary concern. In addition to helping select the proper laboratory equipment for scientific applications, we support our clients with facility layout, coordination and training.

Facility Analysis

ARES specialists can schedule an in-person evaluation and take detailed measurements to ensure that equipment will fit in the desired locations.  For refrigeration products and centrifuges, we review various configuration options with our customers to verify that the products are optimized for blood storage and processing. 

Coordination and Support

ARES recognizes that coordinating seamless delivery and installation of new equipment into your blood bank is critical to minimizing operational downtime and meeting inspection timelines. Our specialists interface with many local service providers and your project management team to help coordinate delivery and installation of the equipment that we sell 


Our local ARES representatives offer training services for your staff on the equipment operation and use. We pride ourselves in our industry knowledge and ability to support clients. 

Products we carry for Blood Banks

ARES offers a complete range of Blood Bank refrigeration, ice machines and centrifuges. 

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Manufacturing partners

ARES proudly partners with Migali Scientific, Scotsman, Hettich and more.

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