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About Wash & Sterilization Equipment

ARES Scientific has an entire division dedicated to ensuring that your facility and its contents stay clean.  We offer a broad range of disinfection and decontamination products as well as a complete range of wash equipment and sterilizers from industry leading manufacturers.   

Our expertise in the wash & sterilization industry

ARES Scientific has over a decade of experience helping our customers keep their facilities and its contents clean. Our specialists have extensive experience  working for companies that develop chemicals and detergents and all of our representatives are highly trained in the washer and sterilizer products that we sell.

How we support wash & sterilization facilities

Helping our clients succeed is our primary concern. In addition to helping select the proper laboratory equipment for scientific applications, we support our clients with facility layout, coordination and training.

Facility analysis

ARES specialists will schedule an in-person evaluation of your facility, take detailed measurements to ensure that equipment will fit in the desired locations and advise on utility requirements.  We will also help perform layouts of equipment in your rooms to help ensure that equipment will fit and there is adequate room to operate it.  We can conduct a detailed throughput analysis to help ensure that your facility is operating at maximum productivity.  Since wash and sterilization equipment typically requires electrical, plumbingdrain and HVAC connections, we will work closely with your facilities/engineering personnel to ensure that the site is capable of supporting the required utilities.   

Equipment integration

We interface with architects, engineers, and contractors during facility design and construction to help verify that the correct utilities are supplied for the equipment.  In addition, ARES partners with many established decontamination, wash and sterilization equipment manufacturers so we are able to seamlessly interface between them to provide fully integrated solutions. 

Coordination and support

ARES recognizes that coordinating seamless delivery and installation of new equipment is critical to minimizing operational downtime and meeting inspection timelines. Our specialists interface with many local service providers and your project management team to help coordinate delivery, installation and testing of the equipment we provide. Our network consists of experienced installation and service companies that can assist with ongoing support and proper maintenance of your equipment investments.


Our local ARES representatives offer training services for your staff on the equipment operation and use. We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable about the wash and sterilization products that we offer. 

Product selection

ARES specialists work closely with our clients to help select and configure the appropriate products for their facility.  We ask questions to help you evaluate detergent dispensing solutions, cycle parameters and baskets for your undercounter and floor model glassware washers.  For larger rack and tunnel washers, we discuss cycle time requirements and evaluate the various items that you are washing to optimize holding tanks and accessories.  For sterilizers we review the application with our clients and configure the machine for gravity or vacuum cycles, steam generator or house steam, and appropriate loading carts and carriages.  

Products we carry for wash & sterilization

ARES provides undercounter and floor model glassware washers, benchtop and floor model sterilizers, cart and utensil washers, cage, rack and bottle washers, tunnel washers, detergents, chemicals and equipment for cleaning, disinfection and decontamination.  

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Manufacturing partners

ARES proudly represents BetterBuilt, Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, Miele, TOMI and more.

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