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ARES Scientific offers industry-specific expertise to assist you in finding the right tools for your application.

About Us

Since 2009 we have been helping the scientific community identify and implement the most innovative and sustainable products for their facilities. We are pleased to offer our clients a pre-qualified portfolio of premier manufacturing companies specialized in building the highest quality products within their particular area of expertise. Many of these companies hold the distinction of being multi-generational family-owned companies that have been in continuous operation for decades. Today, we are proud to say that we have helped thousands of the most prestigious institutions and businesses accelerate medical breakthroughs and enhance the quality of their patient care. Our vision is to continue building long-lasting relationships with our clients and manufacturer partners and bring them together in their quest to improve the quality of life in our communities.


ARES Scientific has guided many prestigious hospital organizations through the selection process of critical pharmacy equipment during the rollout of both USP797 and USP800. MORE

The ARES Difference: We specialize in clean air and containment enclosures for both hazardous and non-hazardous compounding, refrigeration and vaccine storage, wireless monitoring, and transport and storage.


ARES Scientific offers vast experience working with research labs at Universities, Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies to procure the most innovative and reliable laboratory equipment. MORE

The ARES Difference: We represent the most reputable manufacturers in the industry and apply decades of hands-on experience to help customers select the proper equipment and configure the correct options for their application.


ARES Scientific is the industry leader in supplying the most complete range of integrated equipment solutions to vivariums. Through working closely with the top research institutions, we have developed a deep knowledge of the design and function of these facilities. MORE

The ARES Difference: We participate regularly in both local and national AALAS and have one of the most complete networks of manufacturing partners and customers in the field.


ARES Scientific offers one of the industry’s broadest ranges of controlled environment testing equipment for manufacturing and R&D. Our testing chambers and analytical instruments support a variety of business sectors that include automotive and aviation, industrial component manufacturing, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. MORE

The ARES Difference: ARES Scientific specialists are experienced in working with a multitude of applications for manufacturing and R&D facilities.


ARES Scientific specializes in providing scientific grade equipment and instrumentation to the cannabis industry. Make cultivation, testing, packaging and dispensing easy and accurate with solutions from ARES Scientific. MORE

The ARES Difference: We apply decades of experience working with pharmaceutical companies and compounding pharmacies to help cannabis facilities evolve to meet increased standards and regulations.

Wash & Sterilization

ARES Scientific has an entire division dedicated to ensuring that your facility and its contents stay clean. We offer a broad range of disinfection and decontamination products as well as a complete range of wash equipment and sterilizers from industry-leading manufacturers. MORE

The ARES Difference: ARES Scientific has over a decade of experience helping our customers keep their facilities and its contents clean. Some of our specialists have extensive experience working for companies that develop chemicals and detergents and all of our representatives are highly trained in the washer and sterilizer products that we sell.

Blood Bank

ARES Scientific understands the precision required for blood storage and processing. We offer a full line of refrigeration products designed to meet AABB requirements along with other high-quality equipment and instruments. MORE

The ARES Difference: ARES Scientific has been supplying high-quality equipment solutions for critical storage applications such as Blood Banks for over a decade. We offer refrigeration products for blood storage that meet AABB standards and tabletop instruments for processing blood.

Anatomy, Morgue
& Pathology

ARES Scientific assists Gross Anatomy and Pathology Labs, Medical Examiners, and Morgues select fully integrated solutions for their facilities. MORE

The ARES Difference: For over a decade, ARES Scientific has been supplying quality equipment solutions to morgues, pathology and anatomy labs, and medical examiners.  We represent established US companies such as Mortech and SPOT Imaging who continually innovate to provide our customers with solutions.

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies, Expert Service and Consultation.

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies, Expert Service and Consultation