Euthanex has been an industry leader in animal anesthesia and humane euthanasia equipment for over 25 years.

Twenty-five years ago, E-Z System developed humane small animal euthanasia equipment under their Euthanex Corp division. They were the pioneers of this industry and believed that mouse and rat euthanasia should be performed humanely. Their patented Euthanex Lid CO2 Systems system allows small animals to stay in their home cage, and the SMARTBOX CO2 system removes any guesswork from the process. The Euthanex system is ideal for AVMA compliance and reduces any unnecessary stress on the animal. They also were pioneers in animal anesthesia with their E-Z Anesthesia® system with water-heated surgical beds and patented small animal breather masks. Their current anesthesia equipment utilizes state-of-the-art digital controls for unparalleled accuracy.

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