The ARES Scientific Difference

We take pride in building long-term relationships.

“ARES take pride in building long-term relationships with our customers by providing value-added services before, during and after the sale. We understand that long-term business relationships are built on trust, and that trust must be earned. Our success as a small business is dependent on consistently providing a great experience for our customers and becoming a valuable resource to them. This is how we have built relationships with our customers and manufacturer partners that have lasted decades.”

– Drew Kevorkian (President)

Client Testimonials

Equipment Layout and Productivity Analysis

Whenever possible, our local specialists will schedule an in-person evaluation of your facility, take detailed measurements to ensure that equipment will fit in the desired locations, and advise on utility requirements.

The ARES Difference: We will make suggestions on equipment placement in the rooms to ensure that factors such as traffic patterns, supply air vents, and doors do not disrupt equipment performance and create research variables.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

When you invest in capital equipment for your facility, the acquisition cost is not the only responsible criteria. Energy consumption, downtime, product life, and repair expenses are critical factors that affect your total cost of ownership.

The ARES Difference: ARES representatives will help you analyze these factors and provide you with the best warranties, most energy-efficient solutions, and a local network of service and support.


ARES Scientific specialists facilitate the seamless coordination from facility design to startup and training. We work closely with architects, engineers and end-users to properly specify products during the design and acquisition phase.

The ARES Difference: During implementation, we communicate with contractors and facilities personnel to help ensure that the proper utilities and connections are available and that deliveries take place on schedule.

On-Site Training

ARES Scientific representatives receive significant training in the function and proper use of the products that we sell so that we can train end-users. Proper training allows end-users to increase productivity and maximize the life and performance of their investments.

The ARES Difference: ARES specialists typically attend the Eagleson Institute for biological safety training. Our employees have participated in, chaired, and served as board members for many local and national associations such as AALAS and ASHP to ensure that we are educated in our industries and can provide additional value to our customers.

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Laboratory Equipment and Supplies, Expert Service and Consultation.

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies, Expert Service and Consultation