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ARES as your Vivarium Equipment Supplier

ARES Scientific leads the industry with the most complete range of integrated equipment solutions for vivariums. Multiple members of our team possess hands-on experience managing animal facility operations. Working closely with top research institutions, we have developed a deep knowledge of the design and function of these facilities. We participate in local and national AALAS chapters and have one of the most complete networks of manufacturing partners and customers in the field. While each institution maintains its own approach to facility operations, we endeavor to understand their objectives and leverage our network of manufacturers to provide an innovative approach to efficiency, safety and animal welfare.

Our experience as a vivarium equipment supplier

Multiple members of our team possess hands-on experience managing animal facility operations and our specialists have over 75 combined years of experience working with and in vivariums. We participate regularly in local and national AALAS chapters and many of our specialists have served as AALAS chairs and board members.

In 2017, ARES completed one of the most advanced vivarium construction projects in the world. This project included rodent housing, automatic watering, fully automated cage wash, bedding delivery and removal, portable and fixed decontamination equipment and electronic cage cards. During the process, ARES helped solve numerous ongoing operational challenges for the client and managed the integration of equipment between four different manufacturing companies in a very short timeframe. The facility won the Turnkey Facility of The Year award.

Products we carry for Vivarium

ARES offers a wide selection of rodent and large animal caging, decontamination, wash and sterilization equipment, cage changing hoods and biological safety cabinets, isolators, material handling systems, automatic watering systems, anesthesia and euthanasia machines, necropsy tables and lighting, and imaging systems.

How we support the vivarium industry

Helping our clients succeed is our primary concern. In addition to helping select the proper laboratory equipment for scientific applications, we support our clients with facility layout, coordination and training.

Facility Analysis

ARES Representatives will schedule an in-person evaluation of your facility, take detailed measurements to ensure that equipment will fit in the desired locations and advise on utility requirements.  We will also help perform layouts of equipment in your rooms to ensure that housing density, animal welfare and technician safety are maximized.  In cage wash areas, we conduct a detailed throughput analysis to ensure that ensure that your facility runs at maximum efficiency.  Since HVAC is an important part of every facility’s operation we work closely with facilities/engineering personnel to find solutions to optimize air quality.

Equipment Integration

We interface with architects, engineers, and contractors during facility design and construction to help ensure that the correct utilities are supplied for the equipment.  Because ARES has relationships with many vivarium equipment manufacturers, we are able to seamlessly interface between companies to provide facilities with fully integrated solutions for optimizing operational efficiencies. 

Coordination and Support

ARES recognizes that coordinating seamless delivery and installation of new equipment into your vivarium is critical to minimizing operational downtime and meeting inspection timelines. Our specialists interface with many local service providers and your project management team to help coordinate delivery, installation and testing of the equipment that we sell. Our network consists of independent certifiers and service companies that can assist with ongoing support and proper maintenance of your equipment investments. 


Our local ARES specialists offer training services for your staff on the equipment operation and use. We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable about the vivarium requirements and in our ability to support clients with our long-term relationships with the highest quality manufacturing and service companies in the field. 

Product Selection

ARES specialists work closely with vivarium Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Technicians to help select and configure the appropriate products for their needs.  When selecting rodent caging, we will ask questions about cage materials such as polycarbonate and polysulfone to ensure compatibility with wash and sterilization processes.  For investigators doing studies with cannulas that require wire obstructions to be removed from the cage or metabolic studies that need controlled temperature housing, we navigate our customers through options that will enhance welfare, reduce research variables and create space and productivity efficiencies.   

Manufacturing Partners

ARES proudly partners with Mortech Manufacturing, SPOT Imaging and more.

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