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ARES prides itself on establishing long-term partnerships with the manufacturing companies that we represent and distribute. Our goal is to add value by providing our mutual customers with a positive hands-on experience as brand ambassadors for our partners. Many of the companies that we represent are multi-generational family-owned companies that have been in continuous operation for decades in the most reputable manufacturing regions areas such as the United States, Canada and Europe.

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In January of 2020, ARES Distribution proudly entered into a strategic partnership with two industry-leading multi-generational family owned companies to expand our distribution portfolio to the scientific community worldwide and leverage our expertise in sales, marketing and customer service. Through this partnership ARES Distribution, Animal Care Systems and Alternative Design are ideally positioned to identify and deliver innovative, sustainable and value-based solutions to biomedical research professionals whose aim is to accelerate and elevate their research.

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We have been partners with Drew Kevorkian and his team at ARES Scientific for over 15 years.
We value the long-term relationships that ARES builds with their customers. They are continuously improving by listening and learning about the key issues keeping their customers up at night. Once they fully understand their customer’s needs, they can come up with unique and if needed, custom solutions based on decade’s worth of experience in the industry. They are true partners and solutions providers who will not shy away from the hard conversations and provide honest feedback with kindness and integrity. They see setbacks and challenges as opportunities to grow and I know I look forward to the opportunity to continue to work with Drew and grow with his team at ARES Scientific for many years to come.

CEOColorado Based Manufacturing Company

ARES Scientific is one of the best rep groups of laboratory and medical equipment in the industry. We’ve had the pleasure to work with ARES for over a decade. They are very dependable and a great partner for us in the lab and medical markets. Time and time again I’ve seen them masterfully guide lab planners, facility managers, researchers, and procurement agents to the best solutions for their needs.

CEOBoston Based Manufacturing Company

Very professional sales and marketing organization. Deep scientific knowledge, lots of key contacts who are key decision makers, understanding of the sales process and ability to close deals. This is my second time with different organizations using ARES Scientific. ARES Scientific to me aren't manufacturer reps, they are "sales partners". An organization you can be proud to have represent your brand and organization. Knowledgeable, professional, ethical and highly effective. If you have a need for sales partners, have a conversation with ARES Scientific!

Sales ManagerPennsylvania Based Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing partners

With over 25 years experience working closely with scientific manufacturing companies, the ARES management team has gained valuable insight into the business practices that make companies successful. Prior to signing an agreement to represent a manufacturing company, we invest a significant amount of time researching and interviewing the company to ensure that our mission and core values are fully aligned.

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Helping our clients succeed is our primary concern. In addition to helping select the proper laboratory equipment for scientific applications, we support our clients with facility layout, coordination and training.