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ARES is your Pharmacy & Nursing Equipment Supplier

ARES Scientific has guided many prestigious hospital organizations through the selection process of critical pharmacy equipment during the rollout of both USP797 and USP800. We specialize in clean air and containment enclosures for both hazardous and non-hazardous compounding, refrigeration and vaccine storage, wireless monitoring and transport and storage from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.

Our History as a Pharmacy & Nursing Equipment Supplier

For over 10 years ARES Scientific has guided many prestigious hospital organizations through the selection process of critical pharmacy equipment during the rollout of both USP797 and USP800. We offer a wide range of contamination control enclosures for pharmacies from industry-leading US manufacturers. Our dedicated team will walk you through the selection process of choosing between horizontal or vertical laminar flow clean benches, biological safety cabinets or barrier isolators and evaluate optional items such as IV bars, pharmacy bins, and UV lights. When it comes to selecting cold storage products, standards and regulations related to vaccine and medication storage have continued to evolve in recent years. ARES helps our customers evaluate important parameters such as temperature uniformity, recovery and stability to meet stringent requirements for storage applications such as Vaccine For Childrens (VFC).

Products We Carry for Pharmacies

For compounding pharmacies, we specialize in clean benches, biological safety cabinets, CACI’s, powder containment enclosures, refrigerators, freezers, sinks, cabinets, storage and transport systems and environmental monitoring systems.

How we support pharmacies

Helping our clients succeed is our primary concern. In addition to helping select the proper laboratory equipment for scientific applications, we support our clients with facility layout, coordination and training.

Product Selection

ARES specialists work closely with pharmacy directors and facility managers to help select and configure the proper compounding hood or CACI to help meet current requirements such as USP 800. For hazardous compounding and chemo prep, we will discuss with you the pros and cons of selecting a Class II A2 biological safety cabinet versus a Class II B2 biological safety cabinet or barrier isolator. When it comes to cold storage for pharmacies and nursing stations, ARES has a long history of working with the most reliable US manufacturers of pharmacy-grade refrigerators and freezers. ARES understands the applications and has the right products to handle critical storage applications such as Vaccines for Children (VFC).

Equipment Integration

We interface with architects, engineers, and contractors during pharmacy design and construction projects to help ensure that the correct utilities are supplied for the equipment. Since hazardous compounding hoods must be connected to facility exhaust, we work with engineering/facilities teams to advise on the exhaust specifications for the equipment so that your facility design is optimized.  This may include evaluating ceiling height clearances, ductwork and damper locations and discussing CFM and static pressure requirements.  We also advise on options for integrating with your facility BAS system and help you understand the importance of having a dedicated exhaust or CAV/VAV control in place for proper operation of the equipment.  This is a crucial process with vented hazardous compounding hoods as their operation is dependent on meeting proper HVAC specifications.

Coordination and Support

ARES recognizes that coordinating seamless delivery and installation of new equipment into your compounding pharmacy is critical to minimizing operational downtime. Our specialists interface with many local service providers and your project management team to help coordinate delivery, installation and testing of the equipment we sell. We have a robust network of independent certifiers and service companies that can assist with ongoing support and proper maintenance of your equipment investments.


Our local ARES representatives offer training services for your staff on equipment operation and use. We pride ourselves in staying well informed about evolving pharmacy compounding requirements so that product trainings are informative and applicable to today’s standards.

Manufacturing Partners

ARES proudly partners with Mortech Manufacturing, SPOT Imaging and more.

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