Miele Large-Capacity Washer for Zebrafish Tanks and Aquatics Research

Discover Miele Professional’s large-capacity washer, masterfully designed for the intricate requirements of zebrafish research. A variable-speed pump provides varying pressure to ensure debris and biofilm removal. The state-of-the-art load carrier system is rebuilt on a solid new foundation and offers incredible cleaning and temperature control reaching 93C. This improvement not only assures you of highly effective water and drying air flows but also guarantees optimum cleanliness.

Incredibly novel in their concept, the load carriers employ a modular design for superior flexibility and improved load capacity. With minimal load carriers, your laboratory can realize a wide array of loading variations. Powered by electricity for eco-conscious heating, this washer maintains superb cleaning standards for your zebrafish husbandry. The washer’s spray arm monitoring and conductivity meter guarantee reliable results each time, making it an essential tool for ensuring safe cleaning of aquatic research tanks.


Product Highlights
• Miele Professional’s Glassware Washer: Specifically tailored for the detailed demands of Zebrafish research.
• Comprehensive Accessory Range: Equipped with mobile units, baskets, modules, and inserts, ensuring versatility in cleaning diverse laboratory glassware.
• Advanced Load Carrier System: Part of the PG 85 washer-disinfectors range, it is founded on a robust new design, ensuring enhanced water and drying air flows and optimal cleanliness.
• Modular Design Load Carriers: Conceptually novel, they provide unparalleled flexibility and increased load capacity. The modularity ensures easy, cost-effective future upgrades, keeping your lab at the technological forefront.
• Sizable & Efficient: Dimensions of 2′ 11 7/16″ (900 mm) wide with a usable capacity of 12.40 (351) l, the lab washer guarantees top-notch performance.
• Eco-Conscious Operation: Uses electricity for efficient heating while upholding the highest cleaning standards.
• Flexible Loading: Utilizes modular load carriers and the SimpleLoad system for effortless operations.
• Assured Consistency: Integrated spray arm monitoring and a conductivity meter to ensure reliable, repeatable results.
• Electrical & Plumbing Specifications: Runs on 3 AC, 208V, 60Hz with detailed plumbing connections, including multiple cold water, hot water, and de-mineralized water connections.
• Dispensing Flexibility: Comes with 2 dispensers for liquid chemicals and offers 4 additional dispenser connections.
• Sturdy Build: External dimensions of 98 1/4 inches in height, 35 1/2 inches in width, and 39 inches in depth.

Electrical Specifications:
• 3 AC, 208V, 60Hz
Plumbing Details:
• 2x Cold Water (CW) Connections
• 1x Hot Water (HW) Connection
• 2x De-mineralized Water (AD) Connections
• 1 Drain Valve Connection (Excluding Drain Pump Version)
• 2 Dispensers for Liquid Chemicals
• 4 Extra Dispenser Connections Available
External Dimensions:
• Net Height: 98 1/4 inches (2,495 mm)
• Net Width: 35 1/2 inches (900 mm)
• Net Depth: 39 inches (990 mm)