ARES Scientific provides a full range of laboratory equipment and supplies from the highest quality manufacturers and vendors. You can browse the product we serve using our interactive Digital Product Catalog, or by market segments or product grouping below.

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ARES Scientific is your single source for the highest quality vivarium equipment and supplies. You need to ensure that your facility operates in a clean and efficient manner for the health, safety and well-being of the animals and staff. That means everything from PPE arriving quickly to consistent and reliable performance from your wash and sterilization equipment. ARES has a full range of solutions to optimize productivity in your vivarium. Contact us today!

ARES Scientific recognizes that research laboratories are facing a highly competitive environment where grant money and resources are limited. That’s why it is more important than ever to make wise decisions when purchasing equipment and instruments for your lab. These tools are the investment you make in ensuring the most accurate data and minimizing variables in your research. ARES offers the most comprehensive line of precision equipment to achieve the results you seek. Contact us today!

With clinical pharmacy and drug compounding regulations becoming increasingly strict, it is imperative that you have the highest quality and most reliable equipment to help ensure the safety of patients and workers. Whether you are preparing IV’s, working with hazardous drugs, or monitoring the storage environment for valuable vaccines, ARES Scientific has the solutions for you.

ARES Scientific supplies a full array of instruments and equipment for morgues, pathology and anatomy dissection labs. With space at a premium and less people to do the job, we will work with you to analyze your process and provide you with the tools to enhance efficiency, ergonomics and safety.

Pharmaceutical, cosmetics and industrial labs have some of the most stringent validation requirements and rely on the precision performance of their equipment to meet these requirements. From ensuring the cleanest glassware for your unique application to monitoring critical environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity, ARES has the experience to provide you with a comprehensive solution.

Wash and sterilization facilities can often be the bottle-neck to productivity within your facility. Reliable and efficient performance is critical to research. With the growing demand of throughput in wash facilities, ARES specializes in helping you analyze your needs and finding the solution to maximize your productivity. Whether you are a small lab that needs to process glassware or a large vivarium looking to automate your cage wash facility, we have the answer.

About ARES Scientific

ARES Scientific was formed in 2009 in response to a growing desire from clients to work with consultative representatives who are highly experienced and specialized in equipment technology, operation, applications and facility design.

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