Mopec HA300 Dissection Cart with Removable Tray

The HA300 Dissecting Cart with removable tray is designed for the dissection of cadavers. Includes JC102 stainless steel tray with rolled edge handles. Gliding on corrosion proof polypropylene rollers, the body tray easily rolls onto the cart frame. Once the tray is on the HA300 cart, lockable tray latch secures body tray from back sliding. Constructed to work with the body tray is a fluid collection system consisting of a 2-1/2 gallon square carboy. This unique feature helps eliminate fluids from the dissection tray. The carboy sits on a fixed stainless steel shelf. Carboy and shelf included.

General Options


• 80” L x 30.2” W
• Sloped top height: 35.8” – 34.4”
• Weight capacity: Approximately 350 lbs
• All welded stainless steel frame; type 304 1.5” SQ. 16 gauge
• Conveyor roller transfer top
• Removable 27” body tray (JC101)
• Includes drain hole PVC drain valve
• Built-in slope
• Lower shelf
• Includes 2.5 gallon carboy and carrier
• Four heavy duty 5” casters with (3) total lock and (1) directional lock
• (4) Post sockets included

• 80” L x 30.2” W
• Sloped top height: 35.8” – 34.4”