Mopec Roller Mortuary Rack for 32” Trays IE32 Series

The IE32 Series is designed for the mass storage of cadavers on 32” trays. The rack system can be configured for multiple levels of tiers vertically and bays horizontally, although the standard configuration is four tiers with a specified number of bays. Each rack storage bay includes a roller-type body tray. The overall storage system is designed to be assembled on-site with no welding required.

General Options


• Type 304 stainless steel 11 gauge 1.5” SQ tube
• Nylon roller wheel assembly
• Modular construction
• (2) Body tray bumpers per bay
• Includes (1) GA100 32” body tray per bay
• Heavy duty adjustable levelling pads
• Weight capacity: Approximately 500 lbs per bay

• Accommodates 32” Body Trays: GA100 & GA300
• Works with Cadaver Lifts: JD5001
• Forklifts with JD420 Roller Pallet: JD710, JD305 JD405

• Number of Tiers: 4
• Front Height: 90.07
• Rear Height: 75.07”
• Width: For 1 bay 36.25”, For 1+ bays 34.75”x(# of bays)+1.5”
• Depth: 84.25”