Mortech Portable Cremation Storage Rack with Full Rollers

The SERIES 7011 Portable Cremation Storage Rack is the ideal solution for a variety of cadaver storage applications. Its compact design allows for greater storage capacity without taking up extra space, making it a convenient choice for facilities with limited storage space. This portable rack is an excellent alternative to conventional cantilever storage units, providing a more compact and efficient storage option.

For those who require even greater accessibility, the SERIES 7011-SL offers all the benefits of the SERIES 7011 with the added convenience of a side-access loading style. This versatile rack allows for easy and efficient loading and unloading, making it the perfect choice for facilities that require frequent access to their stored cadavers. With its compact design and convenient side-loading style, the SERIES 7011-SL Portable Cremation Storage Rack is an excellent option for any mortuary, funeral home, or crematory looking to maximize their storage capacity while minimizing the use of space.

Number of Tiers and Loading *


• Fabricated from .120 thick stainless steel
• Heavy-duty 6 in./15 cm. casters with brake mechanism for easy movement
• 5 roller assemblies in each bay for easy loading and unloading of cadaver tray/cremation container
• Designed for cremation containers, T3626 stainless steel cadaver trays, T3624 storage boards, and T3627 transfer boards
• Can be easily loaded and unloaded by one person with optional Model M601 Roller Pallet Assembly
• Custom height and bay width available
• Mounted leveling feet

Stainless Steel Units/Overall Height:
• Model No. 7011-2 Tier: 33.5 in./85 cm.
• Model No. 7011-3 Tier: 50 in./127 cm.
• Model No. 7011-4 Tier: 66.5 in./169 cm.
• Model No. 7011-5 Tier: 83 in./210 cm.
• Model No. 7011-SL Side Loading Cremation Storage Rack
Other Features:
• Custom height and bay width per customer requirements
• Mounted leveling feet
• Optional side access loading style (series 7011-SL)