Steelco Compact Underbench Washer for Zebrafish Tanks and Aquatics Research

Introducing the AQUA 500 Series compact under-bench glassware washers, ideal for zebrafish and aquatic research facilities where space and precision are crucial. These washers deliver top-tier cleaning performance at a consistent temperature of 93°C/199°F, ensuring no residue remains, which is vital for zebrafish research environments. The integrated HEPA 14 filtered forced air drying system (available in select models) guarantees thorough and residue-free drying of all glassware.

The AQUA 500 Series comes in four configurations – SC, SCL, CL, and DRS – each tailored to meet varying research needs. From intuitive displays, varying program options, to advanced drying mechanisms, each model ensures seamless operations. Features such as the advanced steam condenser and ergonomic telescopic bearing rails ensure vapors are contained, and glassware loading is effortless and secure.

Choose the AQUA 500 Series for optimal cleaning proficiency, adaptability, and unparalleled efficiency in washing zebrafish tanks and aquatic research applications.


Key Features of AQUA 500 Series Washers:

• Perfectly suited for compact and mid-sized zebrafish and aquatics research centers.
• Advanced lab washers employing washing technology akin to high-capacity devices.
• Superior adaptability, impeccable cleansing, and drying efficiency.
• Enhanced washing pump featuring a superior flow rate paired with optimal spray strength ensures the best balance of flow and pressure.
• Digital temperature management with dual probes ensures consistent cycle performance, sustaining a temperature of 93°C/199°F.
• HEPA 14 advanced air drying system (provided in specific models) guarantees thorough drying, inside and out.
• Four model variants: SC, SCL, CL, and DRS, each distinct in its offerings.
• Built-in vapor condensation system guards against vapor entry into the wash chamber, adjustable from 0°C to 93°C (32°F – 200°F).
• Innovative telescopic rails assure smooth and secure placement and retrieval of glassware.
• RS 232 Interface for connecting printers facilitates tracking and validation of wash routines.
• USB interface in selected models aids in accessing past cycle records and device configurations.

AQUA 500 SC:
• Exclusively in stainless steel design.
• LED panel featuring 10 presets.
• RS 232 interface for connecting to printers or PCs.

AQUA 500 SCL (Stainless steel version):
• Advanced LCD screen with 40 presets.
• RS 232 interface for connectivity.
• USB interface for accessing and updating cycle records.

AQUA 500 SCL (Transparent glass design):
• Glass interface with 40 preset options.
• RS 232 connectivity feature.
• USB access for cycle records and updates.

AQUA 500 CL (Stainless steel variant):
• Dual-tier powerful drying mechanism.
• LCD panel with 40 presets.
• RS 232 and USB connectivity for cycle records and updates.

AQUA 500 CL (Transparent glass variant):
• Dual-layer drying system.
• Glass interface featuring 40 presets.
• RS 232 and USB ports for enhanced connectivity.

AQUA 500 DRS (Stainless steel design):
• Dual-tier effective drying.
• 300mm wide side-door for chemical placement.
• Immediate access to drying and chemical systems.
• LCD panel with 40 presets.
• RS 232 and USB ports for connectivity and updates.

AQUA 500 DRS (Transparent glass design):
• Dual-layer drying mechanism.
• 300mm lateral cabinet door for chemicals.
• Quick access to drying and dosing systems.
• Glass interface with 40 presets.
• RS 232 and USB interfaces for enhanced connectivity.

LAB 500 SC / SCL / CL Specs:
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH):
• 600 x 630 x 850 mm
• 23.62″ x 24.80″ x 33.46″
Chamber Volume:
• Approx. 171 lt / 6.04 cu ft
Basket Volume:
• Approx. 151 lt / 5.33 cu ft
LAB 500 DRS Specs:
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH):
• 900 x 630 x 850 mm
• 35.43″ x 24.80″ x 33.46″
Chamber Volume:
• Approx. 171 lt / 6.04 cu ft
Basket Volume:
• Approx. 151 lt / 5.33 cu ft