Steelco DS 610 G2 Series Washer Disinfectors for Clinics and Mid-sized CSSDs – 12 DIN trays

The DS 610 G2 range of medium-capacity (12 DIN) washer-disinfectors delivers flexible and scalable solutions tailored to meet the reprocessing needs of clinics and sterilization centers. Designed with an emphasis on reducing water and energy consumption, the DS 610 G2 Series offers configurations focused on high productivity and washing process efficiency. Featuring the innovative Power Pulse Cleaning option, these washer-disinfectors significantly reduce or eliminate manual pre-washing activities for complex hollow instruments used in minimally invasive surgery, resulting in savings of over 50% in water, chemicals, and staff time compared to traditional processes.

Experience a complete treatment of washing, thermal disinfection, and drying with the DS 610 G2 Series, utilizing HEPA 14 filtered forced hot air for optimal results. The variable-speed pump washing system adjusts circulation pressure and water consumption according to the cycle phase and load type, ensuring efficient and effective cleaning of your surgical instruments.

Choose the DS 610 G2 Series washer-disinfectors for unmatched versatility, safety, quality, and process traceability with low operating costs. Transform your clinic or sterilization center’s reprocessing capabilities with these cutting-edge devices and enjoy the benefits of advanced technology and superior performance.


• Flexible Solutions: Freestanding or barrier-mounted options with electrical, steam, or mixed heating
• Drying Efficacy: Built-in HEPA 14 filtered forced air drying system for even and fast drying of glassware; adjustable time and temperature settings optimize cycle duration and energy consumption
• Easy Maintenance: Simplified and cost-effective maintenance with frontal service access to all components; units equipped with rolls for fast and easy positioning
• Network Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections as standard, enabling machine data collection through SteelcoData Live software; integrated printer or USB port for historical cycle data download and system upgrades; native cloud connectivity
• User-Friendly Large HMI: 7″ color touch displays integrated into the glass front panel on both loading and unloading sides
• After Sales Flexibility: Retrofit kits available to adapt to changing customer demands, ensuring long-term value