Baker AniGARD® VF Animal Transfer Station

The AniGARD® VF Animal Transfer Station is a single-sided, vertical-flow clean bench with spacious access for cage changing and protocols where both animal protection and particulate control are required. This ergonomically engineered cabinet features an optional adjustable work surface and slanted viewscreen for increased worker comfort.



• 14″ high access opening accommodates a variety of cage sizes, and offers a wide work area for multiple users.
• Flat, spacious work surface allows cages to be pulled in and out quickly.
• Hinged viewscreen opens to 30 3⁄8″ allowing access to work area.
Ease of Use and Versatility:
• When configured with mobile stand, casters and pull bars, easy to move and maneuver.
• At the lowest adjustment, the unit fits through standard doorways and down laboratory aisles.
• Optional electric/hydraulic lift system positions the work surface elevation at levels from 22″ to 40 1⁄2″.
Comfortable User Experience:
• Slanted 10° viewscreen for operator comfort and direct line-of-sight viewing.
• Well-lighted workspace reduces eyestrain.
• Low noise level improves operator comfort and reduces effect of ambient noise on animals.
• Provides ISO Class 5 (Class 100) protection by delivering HEPA-filtered air to the work surface.
Baker Builds It Better:
• All clean benches are subjected to rigorous testing prior to shipping.
• Primary HEPA supply filter is removed through the front plenum area.
• Designed for easy serviceability, including access panels for all electrical components.
• Rear forklift slots facilitate installation. (Available on lift stand option.)
• Pre-filter below work surface helps capture large particles, prolonging HEPA filter life.
• Unique high-velocity momentum air curtain to help ensure product protection without restricting access.

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Model Configurations

64” x 32” x [89 1⁄16” – 97 9⁄16”], 76” x 32” x [89 1⁄16” – 97 9⁄16”], 88” x 32” x [89 1⁄16” – 97 9⁄16”]

36 Month