Mopec OA300 Necropsy and Dissection Table for Medium Sized Animals

The Mopec OA300 Necropsy/Dissection Table is an economical workstation ideal for small and large laboratories. Standard design features include the sloped work area, interchangeable grid plates.

General Options


• The tabletop is fabricated of 14 Ga type stainless steel finished with a #4 satin finish, with integral sinks.
• Dual Down-Draft Sink Venter; Down-Draft Anti-Flood Device
• Two (2) large sinks with (2) sink spray assemblies
• Swing spout faucets are provided with vacuum breaker and wrist blade hot/cold handles, commercial quality cast brass chrome plated.
• Hand Held Table Rinse / Spray which is deck mounted for convenience and are fabricated of brass chrome plated along with high pressure nylon reinforced tubing.
• Perforated Grid Plates: Fabricated of 16 Gauge each plate is perforated with 1/2″ perforations on 1″ centers, each grid panel is self supporting with 1/2″ recess and completely interchangeable. (2) Grid plates, all interchangeable.
• All internal Plumbing lines are factory installed and require only trade hook-up.

Dimensions: 93″ Long x 30″ Wide x 42″ High