Baker ReCO2ver™ Rapid Recovery Incubator

ReCO2ver™and ReCO2ver™ Plus incubators have been designed to optimize cell growth by providing precision control over the environmental conditions your cells require to thrive while delivering unprecedented recovery over those conditions after they have been interrupted.



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• ReCO2ver™ provides users with precise, rapid control, as well as industry-leading stability, uniformity and recovery rates.
• InteliCELL™ proprietary PID control algorithm provides pinpoint, user-defined control over all three parameters (temperature, CO2 and relative humidity), with an incredibly fast recovery not seen in other CO2 incubators.
• Uniform vertical downflow air circulation enhances the uniformity and stability of conditions inside the chamber without disturbing or dehydrating cell cultures.
• Crevice-free interior with coved corners is easy to clean and won’t harbor potential contaminants
• Fogless interior door with heated frame provides a crystal-clear view to every shelf, reducing the need for door openings when contaminants are most likely to enter the chamber
• Superior condensation control eliminates wet spots where contaminants can grow and spread
• Ultrasonic humidity delivery system eliminates the water pan altogether, along with the risk of contaminants that typically go with it
• H2O2 Bio Decon Method enhances productivity (<4hrs) and provides an effective kill rate (6 log reduction)
• Direct heat rapid recovery of temperature back to set point

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Biodecontamination Methods: UV Light, Biodecontamination Methods: UV Light & H202

2 Years