Baker SterilGARD® e3 Necropsy Unit Class II, Type A2

The SterilGARD® Necropsy Unit permits specialized laboratory animal research procedures such as dissection and surgery, cell culture, tissue harvesting and necropsy.


Controls electrical

Ergonomic accessories




• HEPA supply and exhaust filters protect animals, users and the environment.
• Work area contains a circular sink with faucet. High-power rinse hose permits complete cleaning of the work area.
• Sloped work surface facilitates rinsing and draining.
• Adaptive ergonomic design combined with adjustable mobile lift for work surface heights of 21 3⁄8″ to 40 5⁄8″ provides maximum operator comfort, increased flexibility and reduced fatigue.
• Electric/hydraulic lift system allows for increased mobility by lowering height and center of gravity; maintains position when power is removed.
• Portable unit on casters with lift; fits through standard doorway in lowest position for increased mobility.
• 12″ viewscreen sash opening.
• Drain connection can accommodate fixed connection or quick disconnect design.
• For cabinets exhausted to the outdoors, installation available with an exhaust transition and/or stationary stand.
• HEPA supply/exhaust filters with 99.99% minimum efficiency in capturing 0.3 micrometer particulates
• Maximum lift capacity 1,000 lbs
• Electric motor with remote control drives hydraulic pump
• 10-gauge carbon steel frame
• Casters: 5″ diameter x 1 1⁄4″ wide
• Two pull bars

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