Benchmark Incu-Shaker™ 10L with non-slip rubber mat

Designed for continuous and demanding workloads, the Incu-Shaker™ 10L provides excellent temperature uniformity and accuracy with a proprietary heat distribution system. Temperature imbalances resulting from stratification are negligible and maintained within 0.25%, even in the corners. The unit is constructed with a brushless induction drive and motor isolation system to provide years of continuous use.

The rubber mat platform is ideal for many laboratory vessels. In addition, the patented MAGic Clamp™ platform is also compatible with the unit for use with Erlenmeyer flasks and test tube racks. This system uses magnetic attachments to change flask clamps of different sizes rapidly. Finally, a touch screen provides intuitive control over time, speed, and temperature.


• Large platform 18 x 18, up to 5 x 2 L
• Touch screen control over time, speed, and temperature
• Exceptional temperature uniformity
• Horizontal circular 19mm orbit for aeration & mixing
• Instantly change flask clamps with MAGic Clamp™ accessories
• Optional shelf for Petri dishes, microplates, etc.

• Speed: Variable 30 to 300 rpm
• Orbit: 19mm
• Temperature Range: Ambient -15°C to 60°C
• Temperature Increment: 0.1°C
• Temperature Accuracy: 0.1°C
• Temperature Uniformity: ±1.25°C
• Speed Increment: 1 rpm
• Platform Dimensions (in.): 17.8 x 17.8
• Dimensions (in.): 20 x 31 x 22
• Weight: 120 lbs.
• Lid Open Height: 38 in.
• Timer: 1 minute to 48 hours or continuous
• Electrical: 115V or 230V, 50-60Hz; 450W
• Warranty: 2-years

2 Years