DeNovix CellDrop™ Automated Cell Counters

Eliminate the need for disposable slides or hemocytometers with the CellDrop Automated Cell Counter. CellDrop uses patented DirectPipette™ technology which allows the sample to be directly pipetted onto two small optical sapphire surfaces and can rapidly perform cell counts, cell viability analysis, and GFP transfection measurements. CellDrop also works across a wide range of cell densities and has won awards for innovation and user satisfaction.


• Count Cells Without Slides™: No need for disposable counting slides or hemocytometers
• DirectPipette™ Technology: Directly pipette onto optical sapphire surfaces and wipe clean after use, allowing for rapid and accurate measurements with no mess or unnecessary consumables.
• Wide Range of Cell Densities: Eliminate unnecessary dilution with a cell density range of 7 x 10^2 – 2.5 x 10^7 cells/mL.
• Wide Cell Diameter Range: Chamber height can be adjusted to accommodate almost any cell with diameter range of 4-400 um
• Intuitive Touch Screen Software Interface- Extremely easy to use touchscreen software interface.
• 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Ready- including password protection, electronic signature, user management, audit trail recording, data handling, and export.

Additional information

Unit Configuration

2 Channel Fluorescence Cell Counter with Unlimited Counts, 2 Channel Fluorescence Cell Counter- Pay-As-You-Go, Brightfield Cell Counter with Unlimited Counts, Brightfield Cell Counter- Pay-As-You-Go

• Dynamic Range: 7 x 10^2 – 2.5 x 10^7 cells/ml
• Cell Size Range: 4 – 400 µm
• Sample Volume: 5.0 µL @50 µm chamber height, 10 µL @100 µm chamber height (standard), 40 µL @400 µm chamber height
• Measurement Speed: Brightfield- 3 seconds @1 x 10^6 cell/mL, Dual Fluorescence- 8.5 seconds @1 x 10^6 cell/mL
• Optical Modes: CellDrop FL – Dual Fluorescence, Single Fluorescence, Brightfield, Fluorescence + Brightfield, CellDrop BF – Brightfield only
• Sample Surfaces: Optical Sapphire
• Brightfield Illumination: LED 530 nm
• Fluorescence Illumination: LED 470 nm
• Emission Filters: 530 nm +/- 25 nm, 645nm +/- 37 nm
• Gesture Recognition: Multipoint touch, swipe, pinch
• Display: 7” high definition color display
• Glove Compatibility: All common laboratory gloves
• Camera: CellDrop FL – Basler acA2040-55µm, CellDrop BF – Basler daA2500- 14µm
• Images: 2048 x 800 px (3.15 MB) with overlay capabilities
• Focus: User-controlled onscreen coarse and fine adjustment
• Detector: CellDrop FL – Sony IMX265, CellDrop BF – ON Semiconductor MT9P031
• Connectivity: WiFi, Ethernet, HDMi, USB
• Footprint (LxWxH): 37 x 21 x 18 cm
• Weight: 8 Kg
• Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
• Approvals: UL/CSA, CE, FCC, Japan CAB
• Manufacturer Location: USA
• Warranty: 2 Years
• Colors: Arctic White
• Internal Storage: 120 GB solid state drive – upgradable to 1 TB
• Accessories: Barcode reader, keyboard, mouse, 20 µL pipette