Baker NCB™ e3 – Class II Type B1 Biological Safety Cabinets

The NCB™ e3 Class II Type B1 biological safety cabinet exceeds the requirements of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) specification for a General Purpose Clean Air Biological Safety Cabinet. The cabinet includes unique Baker design features that have been proven to enhance containment while inhibiting cross contamination and exposure to chemicals, vapors and gases.



• All exhaust air is removed directly from the work area and pulled through a dedicated exhaust duct into the facility’s separate exhaust system.
• Vapors and gases emitted from vessels or work behind the air split -approximately half way back from the cabinet front – are removed and not recirculated.
• Dual supply HEPA filters assure that all positive pressure areas are free of particulate contamination. Recirculated air is HEPA-filtered immediately below the work surface before it is passed through a HEPA supply filter above the work area.
• The HEPA filter located directly under the surface captures aerosols to prevent contamination of the cabinet interior plenums – and the patented ExchangeSAFE™ Sealed Access Filter Exchange System, permits filter bagging and exchanges within the work area, providing improved access, a simpler process, and an overall reduction in maintenance time while still minimizing exposure to contaminants by running the exhaust during the filter change.
• Large unobstructed, usable work area can accommodate more lab equipment since rear grille is parallel to the straight back wall.
• Reduced front grille depth moves the work surface area closer to front of the cabinet for better arm position and less back strain.
• Fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts save energy, improve visibility, and enhance productivity.
• Petcocks, valves, and plumbing connections are strategically placed for convenience and proper air management.
• Stand with telescoping legs allows the work surface height to be set from 31½” to 40” for optimum comfort.

Additional information

Model Configurations

54 11⁄16" x 34" x [91 1/4” to 99 3/4"]

36 Month