Envisys Sand and Dust Test Chambers

Envisys sand and dust test chambers are designed to test component performance when exposed to blowing sand and dust. These chambers measure equipment’s ability to resist sand erosion which can penetrate cervices, cracks, joints, bearings, and other components causing decreased performance or premature component failure. Furthermore, Envisys is the top manufacturer of sand, and dust testing chambers in the USA, UK, Russia, and India and designs test chambers to meet a wide variety of international requirements for different industrial applications.


• Standards and Compliance: IEC – 60529, IEC-68-2-68, DIN 40050 Part 9, DIN/VDE 470, DIN EN 60068-2-68, SAE J575, MIL, JSS 55555, JIS etc.
• Free-flow dust circulation centrifugal blower.
• Uniform floating dust simulation across the test space.
• Dust pre-heating mechanism for free flow of the dust.
• Hopper re-vibration for free fall of settled dust.
• Blower speed regulation to ensure metered uniform dust floating inside the test space.
• Oil-free vacuum pump to simulate negative pressure for IP6X test.
• Volumetric air-flow meter/counter for IP6X test.
• Full view window with illumination.
• User-friendly touch control/Multi-function programmable timer.

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