Gruenberg Cabinet Style Steri-Dry™ Vivarium Lab Sterilizer

The Gruenberg cabinet style Steri-Dry™ Dry Heat Lab Animal Science Sterilizer is the ultimate solution for sterilizing animal habitat cages in the lab animal science market. Engineered specifically for lab animal science applications, these dry heat sterilizers provide exceptional performance and reliability. With its cutting-edge features and robust construction, the Gruenberg Steri-Dry™ Dry Heat Sterilizer is the ideal choice for your sterilization needs.


Key Features:
• Maximum temperature of 340°F
• Heavy-duty, fully welded structural steel frame
• Exterior constructed of 18-gauge Type 304 L stainless steel with a #4 polish to withstand frequent wash downs
• Direct drive circulation system
• All interior surfaces are 100 percent continuously welded
• 304L stainless steel for quick and easy wash downs
• Low cost of ownership
• Low operating costs
• Extended cage life
• Healthier lab work environment
• Sustainable energy and water solution
• Validated sterilization
• 50% less space than an autoclave
• Installed systems worldwide
• Biosafety Level 2 & 3 compliant designs available
• Shelf or load cart/transfer carriage loaded
• Color touchscreen control with onboard data acquisition standard
• Floor mounted
• Modular design available for ease of rigging and installation without the need for extensive construction
• Pass-Thru option available
• Bio/Vermin seal available for recessed or Pass-Thru installation
• Green operation with lower total energy consumption
• Lower total cost of ownership
• Flexible installation options
• Quiet operation for use around sound-sensitive animals
• Flexible design allows customization to suit every application
• Validated sterilization cycles