Gruenberg Single Truck Steri-Dry™ Vivarium Sterilizer

Boost your vivarium’s efficiency with the Gruenberg Single Truck Steri-Dry™ Sterilizer, a state-of-the-art solution tailored for lab animal science sterilization. This sterilizer employs dry heat technology, offering superior sterilization for habitat cages in your animal research facility.

With its maximum temperature of 400°F and a uniformity of +/- 2 ⁰C, the Single Truck Steri-Dry™ Sterilizer ensures precise control and uniform sterilization. Its robust design features a fully welded structural steel frame, modular panels, a polished 304 stainless steel exterior, and 4” thick wall insulation for long-lasting durability.

The sterilizer accommodates a single loading truck and is equipped with a high-volume, 8,000 CFM horizontal airflow system, seamless incoloy-type heaters, intake and exhaust HEPA filters, and an audible alarm for optimum sterilization results.


• Greener than steam sterilizers, with lower total energy consumption
• Uses only one utility – electricity
• No water, no boiler, no pit-mounting, no drain
• Lower cost to implement, operate and maintain than steam sterilizers
• Modular design provides flexible installation and customization options
• Uniform heat distribution
• Quiet operation (won’t disturb staff or noise-sensitive animals)
• Validated sterilization cycles for assured results
• Easy-to-use controls and access to cages
• All the features of our larger Truck-In Sterilizers
• Single bulk cart system in a compact footprint  Single Door or Pass-Thru configuration
• Custom chamber sizes for any bulk truck or IVC rack
• Side Mechanicals Configurations – for facilities with low overhead height available
• Top Mechanicals Configurations – for facilities with additional height available and a more narrow machine footprint