Hermle Z446 High Capacity Universal Centrifuge

The Z446 Universal Centrifuge offers exceptional capacity and performance, making it an indispensable tool for high-throughput laboratory environments. Capable of reaching speeds up to 16,000 rpm with a maximum RCF of 26,328 xg, this centrifuge accommodates up to 4 x 750 ml swing-out rotors, handling substantial volumes across a range of container types, from tubes to bottles. Its aircraft-grade, premium alloy construction ensures durability under intensive use. The Z446 is equipped with advanced microprocessor controls for automatic rotor identification, which prevents users from exceeding the rotor capabilities, enhancing both safety and equipment longevity.

This centrifuge features a motor-driven lid lock and a stainless steel chamber, ensuring safe and stable operation. With its intuitive control panel, users can easily adjust settings, even while wearing gloves. The Z446 allows for the storage of up to 99 runs, and its sophisticated deceleration/acceleration control ensures optimal separation. Its quiet operation (<65 dBA) and compliance with international safety standards (IEC 61010) make it a reliable choice for busy labs looking for efficiency without compromising on quality or safety.


• Maximum speed of 16,000 rpm and RCF of 26,328 xg
• Capacity for 4 x 750 ml swing out rotors
• Advanced microprocessor controls with automatic rotor identification
• Motor-driven lid lock and stainless steel chamber
• Quiet operation with noise level <65 dBA
• Easy programming with glove-friendly control panel
• Compliant with IEC 61010 safety standards

• Speed range: 200 – 16,000 rpm
• Max volume: 4 x 750 ml
• Temperature range: ambient (non-refrigerated model)
• Dimensions: 21 in x 15 in x 26 in (54 cm x 39 cm x 67 cm)
• Weight: 174 lbs (79 kg)
• Power input: 640 W

5 Years