Hermle Z327 Universal Centrifuge

The Z327 Universal Centrifuge represents a significant advance in laboratory centrifugation technology, offering flexibility and high-performance in a compact design. With a maximum speed of 18,000 rpm and a maximum RCF of 23,542 xg, it supports a wide range of research applications. The Z327 is equipped with an advanced microprocessor control with a large LCD display, simplifying user interaction and enabling precise parameter settings. The model boasts an array of rotor options for quick and easy exchanges between applications, which, combined with its optimized airflow system, ensures efficient sample processing while keeping samples cool.

This centrifuge is built with safety and convenience at its core, featuring a maintenance-free induction drive, automatic rotor identification with over speed protection, and a motor-driven lid lock to prevent opening during operation. The ergonomic one-handed touch operation makes it user-friendly, and it’s engineered to handle up to 99 user-defined programs, which can be easily managed and repeated. The Z327’s robust stainless steel chamber and compliance with IEC 61010 standards make it a reliable choice for any lab needing a versatile and durable centrifuge.


• Max speed of 18,000 rpm and RCF of 23,542 xg
• Microprocessor with large LCD display for easy setup
• Automatic rotor identification with over speed protection
• Active imbalance identification and cut-off
• Noise level under 63 dBA at max speed
• Maintenance-free induction drive and motor-driven lid lock
• Compliant with IEC 61010 safety standards

• Speed range: 200 – 18,000 rpm
• Max volume: 4 x 200 ml
• Dimensions: 15.7 in x 14 in x 19 in (40 cm x 36 cm x 48 cm)
• Weight: 95 lbs (43 kg)
• Power input: 460 W

5 Years