Kubtech XCELL® 180 Benchtop X-ray Irradiator System

Elevate the precision and efficiency of your research with the XCELL 180 irradiator, the pinnacle of benchtop X-ray irradiation technology. Specifically engineered for cell and tissue culture irradiation, this state-of-the-art system is set to redefine the benchmarks of irradiation. With an unmatched energy output of up to 180 kV, it delivers the highest energy available in any benchtop format, ensuring rapid and effective irradiation that your groundbreaking research deserves.

Beyond its impressive energy prowess, the XCELL 180 is laden with innovative proprietary technologies tailored to advance your scientific pursuits. Whether you’re looking to obtain consistently high-quality results or streamline your research process, this irradiator is equipped to meet and exceed your expectations. From a real-time interior chamber view to remote monitoring via a secure mobile app, the XCELL 180 combines functionality with unmatched convenience.


Product Highlights:
• Revolutionize Your Research: Achieve consistently high-quality results with our range of innovative proprietary technologies.
• Unmatched Energy Range: Experience the sheer power of up to 180 kV for efficient irradiation.
• Live Feed: Monitor the interior chamber in real-time, ensuring precise sample placement every time.
• Secure Mobile App: Stay updated on your system’s status and research progress from anywhere, anytime.
• Multiple User Login: Streamlined user management with system admin controls and master event logs access.
• Integrated Turntable: Achieve consistent irradiation with uniform dosage across all intensity levels.
• Sleek & User-friendly Design: Fast, hassle-free setup without specialized training. True plug n’ play experience.

Product Specifications:
• Energy Output: Up to 180 kV
• Dimensions: 22” (W) X 27” (D) X 36” (H)
• Homogeneous Irradiation Area: Ample space despite compact footprint
• User Management: Multiple user login capabilities with system admin control
• Connectivity: Secure mobile app for remote monitoring and control
• Viewing Capability: Real-time interior chamber live feed
• Setup: Easy and fast onboarding with a plug n’ play design.