Baker BioPROtect ® III Class II Style Walk-In Clean Air and Containment Enclosures

The BioPROTECT® BP-504-5 is a Class II type bio-containment enclosure designed to house laboratory robotics or machine apparatus that would not ordinarily fit inside a traditional Class II biosafety cabinet. It provides personnel, product and environmental protection. Personnel protection is provided by the intake air velocity entering the front access opening, product protection is provided by HEPA filtered supply air delivered to the work area and environmental protection is provided by the exhaust HEPA filter. This Class II type bio-containment enclosure may vent back to the room or externally (outdoors) through a properly functioning exhaust canopy connected to the facility exhaust system. Although the BioPROTECT® BP-504-5 has passed all microbiological tests, it is not currently listed with NSF/ANSI Standard 49 for a Class II type designation.



• Ideal for high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, drug discovery, immunology, tissue culture, clinical research, molecular biology and quality control assays.
• High-performance airflow system provides optimum protection against airborne particulates and aerosols for personnel, product and the environment.
• HEPA-filtered, particulate-free airflow throughout the work area provides an aseptic environment and minimizes cross contamination.
• Modular construction allows disassembly for shipping, delivery and placement; cabinet design simplifies assembly and installation prior to certification.
• Factory direct installation and/or installation supervision is available.
• Pressure gauge monitors operation.
• Exhaust HEPA filter for personnel and environmental protection.
• Energy efficient fluorescent lighting, externally mounted, with solid-state ballasts to reduce flicker, minimize heat output, improve eye comfort, and extend lamp life by as much as 50%.
• Supply HEPA filter for product and process protection is easily accessible from inside.
• Optional air and vacuum petcock adapters.
• Front air capture grille.
• Dual doors (single door on BioPROtect® III Jr.) allow flexible access for loading and handling of large carts and robotics systems.
• Independent ground-fault interrupt (GFI) outlets with self-resetting circuit breaker for user safety.
• Remote circuit breakers for each sidewall duplex receptacle.
• Front access to exhaust HEPA filters.
• Stainless steel interior.
• Optional stainless steel cart.
• 8″ fixed sash opening.
• Baker’s new StediFLOW VFD (variable frequency drive) motor controller uses less energy, reduces heat output and operates more quietly.
• Straight back wall easily accommodates most lab apparatus and instrumentation.

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Model Configurations

66” x 61.63” x 102.5”, 48.31” x 55.25” x 93.87”, 75” x 55.25” x 93.87”, 115.88” x 61.63” x 102.5”, 116.88” x 61.63” x 92.5”, 116.88” x 61.63” x 106.5”, 116.88” x 83.63” x 102.5”, 146.88” x 85.75” x 102.5”

12 Month