Miele Medium-Capacity Laboratory Washer for Zebrafish Tanks and Aquatics Research

The Miele PG 8583LD Laboratory Aquatics Washer is a cutting-edge solution designed for washing zebrafish tanks and aquatics research equipment. Equipped with a DI water connection, an EcoDry function for efficient drying, and a water softener to combat harmful ions causing water hardness, it ensures impeccable cleaning results. Notably, this washer conserves water, consuming 40% less than its previous model, while the patented AutoOpen feature ensures rapid drying by automatically opening the door below 158°F, letting moisture evaporate promptly.

Boasting a variable-speed heater pump, the Miele Professional PG 8583LD adjusts wash pressure to suit specific needs, ensuring stubborn debris is thoroughly removed. Its state-of-the-art, crevice-free wash cabinet, crafted using seamless laser welding technology, elevates hygiene standards by preventing dirt and stain accumulation. Coupled with spray arm monitoring and pressure control systems, this washer guarantees safety and top-tier performance and a washing temp of 93°C, solidifying its place in Zebrafish and Aquatics Research laboratories.


Product Highlights
• Miele Professional’s PG 8583LD Laboratory Glassware Washer: A dedicated washer designed for Zebrafish and Aquatics research.
• DI water connection: This feature enhances the cleaning process, especially in environments where the presence of minerals in tap water can interfere.
• EcoDry Function: For optimized cleaning efficiency and superior drying support.
• Environmentally Conscious: The washer reduces water consumption by 40% compared to its predecessor.
• Water Softener: The washer-disinfectors come standard with a water softener, ensuring the removal of harmful ions that cause water hardness.
• AutoOpen Feature: Post-reprocessing, the washer door opens automatically below a temperature of 158°F, ensuring rapid drying by letting residual moisture evaporate quickly.
• Variable-Speed Heater Pump: Adjusts the wash pressure based on unique requirements, ensuring thorough cleaning.
• Crevice-Free Wash Cabinet: Designed using cutting-edge seamless laser welding technology, it resists dirt deposition and stain adhesion, ensuring high hygiene standards.
• Safety Measures: Features like spray arm monitoring and pressure control systems ensure safety during washing operations.
• Optimal Results: The washer promises reliable and validated reprocessing quality, making it a vital asset for Zebrafish and Aquatics Research laboratories.

Construction type and design
• Model: Freestanding appliance, can be built-under, slim
• Outer casing: Stainless Steel
• Can be built-under
• AutoClose – Automatic door lock
• Buzzer: Acoustic signal at end of program
• Design feature: Easy-to-service construction
• Purpose: Suitable for laboratories
• Laboratory flasks per cycle: 128
• Pipettes per cycle: 98
Performance data
• Circulation pump, Qmax in gal/min (l/min): 132.1 (500)
• Shortest program cycle time in min: 29
• Maximum final rinse temperature in °F (in °C): 199 (93)
• Usable wash cabinet volume in l: 5.12 (145)
• Tested operating hours: 15000
• Control system: Touch Control
• Program selection: Touch on Metal
• Short cut buttons
• Max. delay start in h: 24
• Programmability: Programmable
• Programs: 14
• Free program slots: 2
• A0 value controls
• Features: Automatic program restart, Time-left display, Program-cycle display, Choice of display languages
Standard electrical connection
• Electrical connection: 3 AC 208V 60HZ
• Electric heater rating in kW: 5.4
• Total rated load in kW: 6.2
• Fuse rating in A: 20
• Length of power cord in ft (m): 5 (1.8)
Possible voltage variant 1
• Electrical connection: 2 AC 208V 60HZ
• Electric heater rating in kW: 5.4
• Total rated load in kW: 6.2
• Fuse rating in A: 30
Water connection/drainage
• Cold water: 1
• Cold water for steam condenser: 1
• Hot water: 1
• DI water: 1
• Required flow pressure in kPa: 200-1000
• Maximum delivery head for drain pump in inches (cm): 39 3/8 (100)
• Integrated water softener
• Maximum water hardness (cold water/hot water) in gpg (mmol/l): 10.7 (10.7)
• Drain pump [DN]: 0.866 (22)
• Water protection system: Waterproof system
Drying unit
• Air throughput in m³/h: 60
Dimensions and weight
• External dimensions, net height in inches: 32 7/8 (835)
• External dimensions, net width in inches: 23 5/8 (600)
• External dimensions, net depth in inches: 23 5/8 (600)
• External dimensions, gross height in inches: 37 1/16 (940)
• External dimensions, gross width in inches: 26 5/8 (675)
• External dimensions, gross depth in inches (mm): 27 (685)
• Wash cabinet, usable height in inches: 20 1/2 (520)
• Wash cabinet, usable width in inches: 20 7/8 (530)
• Wash cabinet, depth of upper basket in inches: 18 11/16 (474)
• Wash cabinet, depth of lower basket in inches: 20 1/2 (520)
• Net weight in lbs: 163.142 (74)
• Gross weight in lbs: 178.575 (81)
Emission values
• Emission sound pressure level in the workplace: 70 dB(A) re 20 µPa
• Heat dissipation into the room in btu/h (MJ/h): 1.1
• Special 93°C–10′ (200°F)
• Standard
• Universal
• Intensive
• Inorganica
• Organica
• Injector Plus
• Pipettes
• Plastics
• Mini
• Oil program