Mopec CE300 Series Autopsy Table, Rotating with Elevating and Self Contained Exhaust Options

CE 300 is a free standing rotating, autopsy table with a downdraft ventilation system, and elevating and self contained exhaust options.

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• Material: All stainless steel construction. 14 gauge table top, sink and grid plates. 11 gauge pedestal. All type 304 stainless steel with #4 finish.
• Rotation: 180 degrees of total table rotation.
• Ventilation: Down draft ventilation (down draft dual cone system)
• Large sink integral to table top
• Hydro aspirators: Designed with reversing flow valve. Includes hose hanger and 8′ clear PVC tubing. Cold water control valve with vacuum brake swing spout.
• Faucet: Single lever hot/cold water fixture with swing spout and vacuum breaker.
• Grid Plates: (4) Interchangeable removable grid plates, stainless steel construction with 1/2″ recess and 3/8″ diameter holes on 2″ square center.
• Electricals: (2) GFCI duplex outlet with waterproof cover.
• Hand spray rinse: Heavy duty brass chrome plated hand piece. Durable 8′ long flexible hose. Hand piece with hose drop in deck. Concealed pressure control/shut off.
• Access panel
• All plumbing and electrical work accomplished at factory. Only trade hook up required.
• Elevating Model has up/down elevating pedestal control

Standard Features:
• Hot/Cold Water Fixture
• Stainless Steel Grid Plates
• Stainless Steel Work Surface
• Large Rinse Sink
• Hydro-Aspirator
• Spray Rinse
• Ventilation In Pedestal
• 90 degree Rotation
• (Optional) Adjustable Height Elevation
• (Optional) Self-Contained Exhaust System

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