Mopec Maestro Encore Elevating & Countertop Grossing Stations

The Mopec Maestro Encore Elevating & Countertop Grossing Stations redefine versatility and safety in pathology settings. Catering to the unique requirements of each pathology professional and laboratory, the Maestro Encore is available in three sizes (4, 5, and 6 feet) and boasts over 15 modification options along with a wide range of workstation accessories. With its customizable Ensemble Pegboard™ system and extensive accessory selection, this station can be tailored to meet specific ergonomic, workflow, and safety needs. The innovative design includes the patented SafeDraft™ Ventilation Technology and an Integrated Air Filtration System, ensuring a safe and dust-free environment. Whether you’re upgrading your facility or setting up a new lab, the Maestro Encore provides a configurable solution that adapts to individual preferences and institutional requirements.

Built with high-quality U.S.A. stainless steel, the Maestro Encore Grossing Station ensures durability and compliance with stringent health standards. The right-hand side sink placement and dual 8″ duct stubs enhance its practicality by accommodating in-house ventilation systems effectively. It features advanced technology such as the OrchestraOS 2.0 touchscreen control panel, the PathCam 24.1 MP Imaging Hardware powered by Canon, and integrated software solutions for seamless digital pathology integration. Each unit is designed with user safety at the forefront, incorporating features like flow detection with backdraft alert monitoring, seismic anchoring points, and multiple ergonomic enhancements like the Ergorail™ and sliding work surfaces. The Maestro Encore is a superior choice for professionals seeking a high-performance grossing station that combines safety, functionality, and adaptability.

Elevating Configuration


Product Highlights:

Versatility and Customization: Over 15 modification options, available in three sizes, with a customizable Ensemble Pegboard™ system.
Advanced Safety Features: Patented SafeDraft™ Ventilation Technology, Integrated Air Filtration System, and backdraft ventilation to ensure a safe working environment.
High-Quality Construction: Made from durable U.S.A. stainless steel, equipped with a sink on the right-hand side and backdraft ventilation.
Technological Integration: Features OrchestraOS 2.0 touchscreen control panel, PathCam 24.1 MP Imaging Hardware, and compatibility with leading EHR systems.
Enhanced Ergonomics: Ergorail™ Track, multiple G.F.C.I. receptacles, sliding work surfaces, and magnetic instrument bar for user convenience.
Additional Safety Measures: Flow detection with backdraft alert, seismic anchoring points, and integrated air filtration to minimize dust and debris build-up.

• Temperature Range: 70.0±10.0°F or 21.0±6.0°C
• Relative Humidity Range: 35% – 75%
• Elevation Range: 0-2000 meters
Domestic Electrical Specification:
• Voltage/Phase/Frequency: 115v/1ph/60hz
• Circuit Requirement: (1) 15a dedicated circuit
• Full Load FLA: 7.2A
• Nominal Current: 3.2A
Export Electrical Specification:
• Voltage/Phase/Frequency: 220v/1ph/50hz
• Circuit Requirement: (1) 10a dedicated circuit
• IEC320 C13 Hospital-Grade Power Cord (three prongs, UL Listed, 14awg, 6’ length, 15A @ 115v/ 10A @ 220v)
Water Supply Range:
• Pressure: 50 -100 psi
• Flow: 6GPM minimum
• Temperature: 45 -120°F (7-48°C)
• Connections: Supply Hot/Cold water into ½” NPT Strainers
Formalin Dispensing (if equipped):
• Holding Tank Capacity: Approximately 5 Gallons
• Fill Rate: 3.0gpm
• Dispense Rate: 0.45gpm
• Maximum Work Surface Load: 200lbs or 91kg
• Ingress Protection (IP) Rating: IP40
• Workstation Configuration Weight: Range from 696-1220lbs (315-553Kg)
Height of Unit:
• Lowest Height Position: 75” (1.9m)
• Highest Elevated Position: 87” (2.2m)
• Airflow Specifications:
• Static Pressure: 0.37 inches of water column
• Total CFM: 600 CFM at 0.37” static pressure via 8” round ducts