Sense Anywhere Monitoring Systems

Sense Anywhere is an ultra-low-powered wireless Mobile Asset Tracking (MAT) system. It collects temperature, humidity, motion, and CO2 data for real-time sample protection and monitoring. Units install in under 10 minutes and require no cables or software, just plug and play. Each sensor has a 10-year battery life and sends data and alerts to the cloud. The sensors have an incredible temperature range from -196C (LN2) to 70C. The system’s continuous monitoring meets 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and GMP requirements for critical spaces, featuring excursion alerts and remote viewing and reporting.


• Up to 10 year battery life
• Logs up to 18,500 events
• Seamless integration with the cloud
• Extremely simple to deploy and use
• Auditable, real-time monitoring of key environmental factors (RH, temperature, and motion)
• GPS location and tracking
• IP-67 Rated option- Waterproof and shock resistant for the harshest applications
• Extremely small and durable (can be placed inside packaging to accurately monitor critical contents)
• cGMP BioPharma Storage
• Validation & Qualification: Comprehensive IQ/OQ/PQ validation protocols for controlled temperature units, environmental chambers, warehouse mapping, sterilizers, autoclaves, lyophilizers, and more