Baker EdgeGARD® HF Clean Benches

With a brightly illuminated, spacious work area and unique high-velocity air return slots, the EdgeGARD® HF offers superior user comfort, product protection and productivity.

Equipped with a HEPA supply air filter and redesigned diffuser, the increased laminar airflow provides a greater workable area and a particulate-free work surface.

The patented cabinet design of the EdgeGARD® HF provides precise control of airflow volumes and velocities, thereby maximizing product protection and ensuring ISO Class 4 (Class 10)* cleanliness in the work area.

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• Baker’s exclusive technology maximizes product protection and helps meet up to ISO Class 4 (Class 10) air cleanliness requirements.
• High-performance airflow system provides uniform airflow to the worksurface, extends filter life and minimizes maintenance costs.
• HEPA supply filter with 99.99% minimum efficiency in capturing 0.3 micrometer particulates.
• Spacious, easily accessible work areas accommodate multiple users and a variety of applications and instrumentation.
• Ergonomic design increases user comfort and productivity.
• Industry’s most reliable clean bench means lower life-cycle costs and years of trouble-free operation.
• Designed for a variety of non-hazardous industries and applications, such as IV admixture preparation, drug compounding, plant cell culture, media preparation, pharmaceutical procedures, electronic assembly and limited experimental research.
• Exterior GFCI duplex outlet accommodates most commonly used instruments and equipment.
• Optional wide-tread casters provide stable mobility when needed.
• Flexible electrical and plumbing connection options adapt EdgeGARD® HF to your lab.
• Optional storage bins help keep lab space organized.

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Model Configurations

38” x 34” x 64”, 50” x 34” x 64”, 50” x 34” x 70”, 62” x 34” x 64”, 74” x 34” x 64”, 74” x 34” x 70”, 99 1/2” x 34” x 64” (x2)

36 Month