Consolidated Small Lab Series Steam Sterilizers Dual Chamber Tower Model

Consolidated Small Lab Series Sterilizers are designed to sterilize at temperatures between 212° F and 275° F* (100° C and 135° C*) through the use of steam. Choose from a variety of sizes and programmable control options for pre-vacuum or gravity operation. Consolidated sterilizers offer a range of performance options to meet the most demanding applications in clinical, animal and life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and commercial/industrial applications.

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The X1™ Control System:
• An intuitive user interface with modern, easy to view touchscreen display.
• Ability to program up to 50 sterilization cycles.
• Ability to favorite frequently used cycles for quick access.
• A controller platform that is built from industry-standard, open-source components allowing for easy availability of parts and service.
• Standard security features prevent inadvertent or unauthorized process changes
Chamber Door and Gasket System:
• Consolidated‘s sterilizer doors are designed with redundant, independent mechanical and software features to ensure maximum safety. Door design specifications meet all ASME code requirements.
• Consolidated hinged door autoclaves use solid silicone gaskets that do not require high pressure air, steam or vacuum to operate. Instead, the act of closing the door compresses the silicone gasket to create a secure and reliable seal. In the event that the gasket fails, the door can still be easily opened and the gasket quickly replaced.
• Multiple door arms assure that, in the event of a failure of any one arm, the door will continue to support the load within performance specifications.
• Door engagement is clearly visible to confirm closure.
• An electrical door switch ensures that the door is fully closed and locked prior to the start of the cycle. If the signal is lost during a sterilizing cycle, the cycle is automatically aborted.
• The door pressure clutch assembly is activated by chamber pressure to lock the door. Chamber pressure forces a membrane against the clutch plate, engaging the lock to permit tightening, but not loosening of the door.
• As the handle is turned to the closed position, the latching arms extend out into the door end-frame. Full rotation of the door handle presses the door against the chamber sealing surface thereby compressing the seal, and activating the electrical door limit switch.
• Pass-thru (double-door) sterilizers may be ordered with optional door interlocks. This electro-mechanical lock on each door minimizes the chance of cross-contamination between contained and uncontained areas by preventing both doors from being opened simultaneously. Additionally, this feature prevents the uncontained side door from opening until a sterilization cycle has successfully completed.
• Piping, fittings, and valves are available in stainless steel or brass/bronze. All parts and components subject to repair are publicly available (i.e. non-proprietary) from open market sources, including controls, valves and fittings.
• Safety relief valves and drains are integral to the plumbing configuration.
• Baffled steam inlets minimize direct condensate on the load, reduce load wetting, and help assure proper steam uniformity within the chamber.
• Cabinet insulation retains heat and minimizes heat loss to the room.
• The sterilizer jacket and all steam service piping include a minimum 1″ fiberglass-based insulation.
• On units equipped with steam generators, a manual reset pressure switch is included to back up the safety relief valve by automatically shutting down the steam generator if an overpressure condition exists.
• Easy-to-read pressure gauges ensure simple and safe operation.
• Other components required for the intended application may include a steam generator, vacuum pump, water ejector, etc. depending on the options chosen.
X1 Control and Monitoring System:
• Consolidated offers a state-of-the-art control system built from industry standard, open-source components for international availability of parts and service.
• Permits industry standard and custom sterilizer cycles.
• Simplifies operation with intuitive operator interfaces. Optional features allow the operator to add favorite shortcuts for frequently-used cycles and prevent users from modifying sterilization parameters on individual cycles.
• Assures quality control and process integrity.
• Features sterilizer cycle quality reporting and optional printed documentation.
• Internal battery retains all data in memory for at least 6 months.
Cycle Safeguards:
• No cycle can start unless the door is properly closed and locked.
• Control inputs automatically reject incorrect cycle parameters.
• Chamber gauges are installed on the operating end of the sterilizer to display pressure in psig and vacuum in inches-Hg.
• Exhaust is automatically condensed and cooled to a safe drainage temperature.
• Multi-rate liquid exhaust allows users to select an exhaust rate above and below an adjustable temperature set-point. This prevents boil-over of liquids and reduces total cycle time.
• Emergency Stop button cuts power to all 120VAC outputs and stops all processes.

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Door Configuration

Dual Chamber Two Door 3.9 Cu. Ft., Dual Chamber Two Door 8.8 Cu. Ft.

Consolidated manufactures high-quality, reliable steam sterilizers that stand the test of time, and we take pride in our simplistic design and low prices. All Consolidated autoclaves include a one (1) year warranty covering defective parts and labor, as well as a substantial warranty on the sterilizer chamber. In addition, this warranty can be customized to fit your needs.