Steelco AC 1200 Compact Cage and Bottle Washer

Introducing the AC 1200 – a compact washing device specially designed for washing and sanitizing all types of animal care equipment in your vivarium. From cages and feeding bottles to fish tanks, the AC 1200 has you covered.

Available in both single and double door versions for pass-through applications, the AC 1200 offers the highest levels of cleaning efficacy, with micro-organisms’ thermal/chemical destruction through an independent hydraulic circuit. The unit rinses at 85°C / 185F, ensuring a contamination-free environment.

The compact design of the AC 1200 grants the highest flexibility of installation, making it easy to integrate into your existing setup. This also helps to minimize operating costs, ensuring you get the most out of your washing device.

The AC 1200 comes equipped with an upper drop-down vertical space-saving sliding loading door, which allows for a convenient loading and unloading job. The lower section of the door, when open, acts as a loading platform for the loading tray, ensuring easy access to your equipment.

To ensure maximum cleaning efficiency, the AC 1200 is available in both electrical or steam heated versions, with a single dosage unit for chemicals as standard. Additional dosing systems can be added upon request, allowing you to tailor the unit to your specific needs. A comprehensive range of dedicated accessories is also available, allowing for the optimized loading of animal cages and washing carts with injection systems for bottles.


• Steam or electrical heated: This device can be heated with either steam or electricity, giving you flexibility in how you operate it.
• Chamber made of 316L stainless steel: The washing chamber is made entirely of 316L stainless steel, ensuring it is highly durable and resistant to corrosion.
• Drop down/vertical sliding loading door with inspection window: The device comes equipped with a drop-down/vertical sliding loading door, providing you with easy access to the washing chamber. The inspection window allows you to monitor the washing process.
• Separate washing and rinsing circuits: The AC 1200 features separate washing and rinsing hydraulic circuits, ensuring that your equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
• Rotating spray arms on three levels: top, middle, and bottom: The device features rotating spray arms on three levels, ensuring optimal cleaning performance for your equipment.
• Up to three chemical dosing pumps: With up to three chemical dosing pumps, you can customize the washing process to meet your specific needs.
• Micro-processor controller with LCD display: The device is controlled by a micro-processor with an LCD display, ensuring easy and intuitive operation.
• Three-level rotating spray arms for optimal cleaning performance: The rotating spray arms are positioned on the top, middle, and bottom levels of the washing chamber, providing optimal cleaning performance.
• Multistage water filtering system combined with self-cleaning filter for recirculation of washing water: The multistage water filtering system, combined with a self-cleaning filter, ensures that the washing water is thoroughly cleaned and recirculated for maximum efficiency.
• Aquatic tanks processing kit for research facilities: The device comes with a specific kit for the reprocessing of aquatic tanks used in research facilities, including three chemical dosage pumps, an upgrade to the washing circuit, flow meters, and a conductivity probe.
• Easy maintenance with electric control panel installed on sliding rails: The electric control panel is installed on sliding rails, making it easy to access and maintain.
• Frontal access to chemical storage up to two tanks of 10 lt / 2.64 Gal US, equipped with level control sensors: With frontal access to chemical storage, you can easily store and manage your chemicals. The tanks come equipped with level control sensors for added convenience.