Steelco DS 1000 Series Washer Disinfectors – up to 18 DIN Trays

Experience the cutting-edge DS 1000 Series washer-disinfectors, offering complete washing, thermal disinfection treatment, and drying for all types of surgical instruments. With a processing capacity of up to 18 DIN trays, these reliable, high-performance machines are specifically designed to meet the growing reprocessing demands of modern CSSD. The DS 1000 Series ensures efficient and tested washing and thermal-disinfection results, while the HEPA-filtered H14 forced air drying distribution delivers perfect air distribution across all chamber parts and basket levels. This advanced drying system guarantees thorough inside and outside drying of surgical instruments and tubes, reducing overall reprocessing time and maximizing safety.

The DS 1000 Series is available in both single and double door configurations for barrier application versions, as well as a narrow frame configuration with a width of just 900mm. This flexibility allows the DS 1000 Series to adapt to your facility’s unique needs. Loading and unloading washing carts can be performed at an ergonomic height, using manual or automatic transfer conveyors to streamline your workflow. The DS 1000 Series can also be equipped with Steelco’s ATS (Automatic Transfer System) automation for washing loading racks, further enhancing the efficiency of your CSSD operations. Trust the DS 1000 Series washer-disinfectors to deliver exceptional results, safety, and adaptability for your critical reprocessing tasks.


• Advanced Washing Pumps: Vertically installed recirculation pump maintains constant, high flow rate pressure for excellent washing results.
• Space-Saving Sliding Down Door: Motorized sliding down double HST tempered glass door with safety device allows total visual monitoring of the process.
• Smart Filtering System: Triple water filtering system—easily accessible from the washing chamber—captures residue, preventing re-circulation and extending pump life.
• Active Water Coupling System: Hydraulic circuit connection system between washer and wash cart provides a watertight joint for efficient cleaning and uniform disinfection temperature coverage.
• Drying Efficacy: Built-in HEPA 14 filtered forced air drying system ensures complete internal and external drying of all glassware, with adjustable time and temperature settings for optimizing cycle duration and energy consumption.
• Full Traceability: Compatible with SteelcoData software suite, featuring printer connection and USB port for historical cycle data download and software upgrades.
Trust the DS 1000 Series washer-disinfectors to deliver exceptional results, safety, and adaptability for your critical reprocessing tasks, while offering a comprehensive range of advanced features tailored to your CSSD’s unique requirements.