Steelco MITO 2B Semiautomatic Feeding Bottles Washer – 2×18 Bottles Crates per Cycle

Introducing MITO 2B – the ultimate solution for small animal research laboratories. The modular semiautomatic hood type bottle washer offers a flexible and integrated solution for bottle and cap treatment, with a capacity of 2×18 bottle crates per cycle.

MITO 2B is designed with the same multifunctional loading tables and smart accessories as the MITO FBS system, with the added benefit of a dedicated module for bottle filling. It also offers a semiautomatic bottle recapping module that significantly reduces operating time, making your lab more efficient.

The machine chamber is entirely made of high-quality stainless steel AISI 316L, ensuring long-term reliability and optimal cleanliness. The independent washing and rinsing system includes disinfection by rinsing at 85°C / 185F, ensuring efficient sanitization.


• LCD Display control panel with up to 40 programs capacity
• Independent washing and rinsing system for optimal cleaning performance
• Automatic detergent dosing via peristaltic pump providing precise addition of liquid chemical agent
• Full bottle coverage with individual nozzles for efficient sanitization during the wash and rinse cycles
• Separate PT1000 temperature probes for sump and boiler water temperature control
• Water level sensor to control chamber water level and prevent overflow
• Easy access to the water filtration system for maintenance
• Option for drinking water acidification unit
• Chamber, boiler tank, washing and rinsing circuits made in high quality stainless steel AISI 316L (DIN 1.4404) for long-term reliability and optimal cleanliness
• Efficient sanitization by rinsing at 85°C
• Microprocessor control system with RS232 port for external connection