Steelco PWD 86 Series Washer Disinfectors – Up to 18 DIN Trays

Introducing the PWD 86 Series High-Capacity Instrument Washer-Disinfector, the ultimate solution designed to tackle the most challenging cleaning tasks in your Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD). This advanced, eco-friendly washer-disinfector delivers exceptional washing, thermal disinfection, and forced hot air drying for all types of dental and surgical instruments. With exclusive technological innovations, the PWD 86 Series optimizes efficiency and sustainability in your facility, providing top-notch cleaning and drying performance while minimizing water and energy consumption.

Customize your CSSD layout with two PWD 86 Series configurations – 900 mm / 35.44″ or 1150 mm / 45.28″ width – to perfectly fit your space. Both options offer the same exceptional features and performance and conveniently use the same wash racks and modules for seamless workflow integration. The PWD 86 Series combines a variable speed double pump system, modular load carriers, and a state-of-the-art drying system with dual blowers and HEPA filters, ensuring the best results for your facility.

Experience the efficiency and performance offered by the PWD 86 Series, featuring Steelco’s revolutionary patented Power Pulse Cleaning technology. This innovative technology significantly improves the reprocessing of hard-to-clean minimally invasive surgical (MIS) instruments, minimizing or eliminating the need for manual pre-cleaning and ensuring thorough, efficient results. Enhance your facility’s workflow and invest in the PWD 86 Series high-capacity instrument washer-disinfector for a powerful, eco-friendly solution that meets the cleaning demands of your increasingly complex CSSD.


• Flexible Solutions: Choose from 900 mm and 1150 mm width models that share the same wash racks and modules for seamless integration.
• Space-Saving Concept: Fewer racks and modules help save valuable space in your busy CSSD without compromising on performance.
• Adaptive Speed Washing: A variable speed pump system adjusts water pressure and flows based on the load and cycle phase (clean, rinse, or disinfection) for precise, efficient cleaning.
• Dynamic Water Loading: Achieve optimal water temperature, pressure, and flows with controlled water inlets and a variable speed pump. A second pump is fully dedicated to the chamber washing arms.
• User-Friendly Large HMI: 7″ color touch displays are integrated into the glass front panel on both loading and unloading sides for easy operation.
• Full Traceability: Ensure complete history cycle traceability with compatibility for Steelco Data Pro, an Ethernet Port for network communication, and an optional integrated printer.