Baker SterilGARD® e3 Animal Transfer Station with Adjustable Mobile Lift Class II, Type A2

The SterilGARD® e3 Animal Transfer Station offers an adaptive ergonomic design combined with proven containment technology to improve worker comfort, increase productivity and reduce fatigue. Providing protection for personnel, animals and the environment, the SterilGARD e3 Animal Transfer Station provides maximum safety and project flexibility in the animal research laboratory.


Controls electrical

Ergonomic accessories




• HEPA supply and exhaust filters protect animals, users and the environment.
• 10° slanted viewscreen permits enhanced product viewing.
• Adaptive ergonomic design combined with continuously adjustable mobile lift for work surface heights of 22″ to 401.5″ provides maximum operator comfort, increased productivity and reduced fatigue.
• Electric/hydraulic lift system allows for increased mobility by lowering height and center of gravity; maintains position when power is removed.
• Portable unit on casters with lift and pullbars; fits through standard doorway in lowest position for increased mobility.
• 12″ viewscreen sash opening.
• Pre-filters to capture hair, dander and bedding to preserve the main HEPA filter.
• Available in 4′, 5′ or 6′ models.
• HEPA supply/exhaust filters with 99.99% minimum efficiency in capturing 0.3 micrometer particulates
• Maximum lift capacity 1,000 lbs
• Electric motor with remote control drives hydraulic pump
• 10-gauge carbon steel frame
• Casters: 4″ diameter x 1″ wide
• Two pull bars

Additional information

Model Configurations

64" x 33 7⁄8" x 79 11⁄16", 88" x 33 7⁄8" x 79 11⁄16"

36 Month