SychemFILL Automatic Animal Bedding Dispenser

SychemFILL is a cutting-edge solution for modernizing the cage fill process in animal facilities. This bedding dispenser offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, making it one of the most advanced systems on the market. The system features Active Airflow Technology and adjustable programs that allow for the filling of a variety of cage sizes, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. With a tolerance of +/- 4%, SychemFILL reduces variability in studies, eliminates waste, and saves costs, making it a valuable investment for any facility.

The system is compatible with all free-flowing rodent bedding, including wood and paper-based bedding, and uses a dual mechanical vacuum system to remove fine particles before dispensing. This not only improves the living environment for animals by reducing dust levels but also helps prolong the life of IVC lid filters, air handling unit filters, and room filtration.

SychemFILL also reduces manual labor and offers a more efficient cage change process. The system can be operated manually or with the “XL” option, which features a bulk bag refill system, and requires no installation, making it a user-friendly solution. With its advanced technology, SychemFILL is the perfect solution for facilities looking to modernize their cage fill process and improve their overall operations.


• Class-Leading Accuracy (+/- 4%)
• Active Airflow Technology
• Enhances Cage Change Process
• Multiple Preset Programmes
• Compatible with All Free Flow Bedding
• Easy, Ergonomic Loading
• Intuitive User Interface
• Quick & Accurate Dispensing
• Dual Mechanical & Vacuum System
• Improved Cage Environment for Animals
• Prevents Residual Fine Particles
• 7″ Color Touch Screen
• Live Graphics of Top Hopper Level
• Alerts for Bedding Requirements
• User-Programmable Cage Names
• Adjustable Dispense Volumes
• Ultrasonic Sensors for Precise Dispensing
• Two Independent Dispensing Points
• Automatic Automation


Width: 45.43 inches (1154 mm)
Height: 77.09 inches (1958 mm)
Depth: 26.38 inches (670 mm)
Largest Cage (Height): 11.42 inches (290 mm)
Hopper Capacities:

Upper Hopper: 9764 cubic inches (160000 cc, 160 litres)
Lower Hopper: 4882 cubic inches (80000 cc, 80 litres)

Fans only: 56 dB
Auger & Fans: 65 dB
Auger, Vacuum & Fans: 68 dB