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ARES Scientific is a market leader in supplying scientific equipment and instruments to research laboratories, vivariums, hospital blood banks, pathology labs, pharmacies, morgues, industrial and pharmaceutical R&D, testing and validation facilities in South Carolina.

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Applied Research Equipment Specialist

Michael O’Connor

Michael has spent over twenty years in various management and sales positions within the life sciences industry and joined the ARES team in March 2016. He brings the unique ability to build rapport and relationships by interacting effectively with clients across the entire business hierarchy, demonstrating awareness of their needs and responding with the appropriate solution. As a veteran of the United States Army, Michael’s talent to adapt and improvise in any setting lends to his objectivity and success in the field.

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Administrative Support

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Accounting Manager

Sunny Westervelt

Sunny has a BS in Forensic Science from UC Irvine and is bi-lingual. She has 15 years of forensic bookkeeping and financial consulting experience. Her passion for accounting has allowed her to think progressively about how to approach financial growth and problem solve. Sunny is the proud mother of 2 daughters and is pursuing a Masters degree in Forensic Accounting.

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Sales Support

Kim Powers

Kim Powers has been working in the animal care industry for the past 13 years. She graduated from John Brown University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from John Brown University. She has enjoyed assisting the sales team in helping to provide outstanding customer satisfaction. She understands the importance of providing exceptional service to those she supports; along with reminding them to have a few laughs every now and then.

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Office Manager

Marie Russo

Marie was born in Brazil but moved to the US almost three decades ago. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French. Marie has a degree in philosophy and spent most of her career as a journalist seeking precision and fact. This along with other small business operations experience has served her well as Office Manager at ARES Scientific where she has managed office and accounting operations since 2019.

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